Do you Deeply Desire More Love,
Happiness & Fulfillment in Your Marriage?

Happy Couple creating joy in their marriage

By outward appearances, do you have it all, (except for the loving marriage your woman's heart deeply desires?)

Are you like many accomplished women ~ one of your deepest unfulfilled desires is to be happily married?

As hard as you and your spouse try, do you have relationship problems that get in your way of the happy loving marriage you seek?  

Do you relate to one or more of these common marriage relationship problems?

  • Getting stuck in communication problems prevents you from really connecting and understanding each other and working together as a team.

  • Aching for more emotional closeness in your marriage, and when one of you reaches out for that closeness, the other pulls away.

  • Dealing with issues by pursuing your spouse trying to discuss them, even when one of you is overwhelmed and just can’t talk about it anymore. You go around and round for what seems like hours, until one of you explodes, or one of you retreats into the silent treatment.

  • One or both of you has experienced previous painful relationships, divorce, or traumatic experiences that make it difficult to really trust and open your heart to one another, even though you deeply desire this closeness ~ a closeness that creates a safe haven from the storms of life.

  • Feeling angry, hurt, discouraged, alone ~ yearning for love, but not knowing how to stop the problems, and create a close, emotionally-fulfilling connection in your marriage.

Many Couples go through Ups and Downs in Their Marriage

Our marriages and relationships are living things, and they change over time, as we change and grow as human beings.   Changes in our lives, stresses, loss of other family members, moves, illness, changes with our professions ~ all can have an impact on our marriages, and create stress within our relationships.

As we grow as adults, our marriages and relationships change too.   Sometimes one partner grows and changes in ways that the other does not, or cannot   And sometimes, we lose our connection with the ideal person, at a vulnerable time in our lives.

For many reasons, marriage is one of our most frequent, potent, yet tender crucibles for Soul Work ~ the container in which we are invited to look deeply within ourselves, learn the lessons and complete the work we came here to learn and do.  

It is in our marriages that we often have the potent opportunity, motivation and desire  to embark upon completing this work.   This seems especially so for spiritually attuned and awakening women with many accomplishments in life.

The good news is that you don't have to do this alone, trying to figure it out by yourself.  With the help of a compassionate, seasoned, couples therapist and spiritual life and relationship coach and energy therapy expert, who will guide you to find the underlying, hidden reasons for your relationship challenges ~ and resolve them ~ you can learn the lessons, and do the Soul Work you need to finally have a fulfilling, loving and lasting marriage.

Sara & Ben transformed their marriage.

You Don't Have to Remain Stuck in Your Relationship Problems, You Don't Have to Lose Your Dream ~

You Can Re-ignite the Magic in Your Marriage with a Spiritual approach to Relationship Coaching    

My couple’s relationship coaching program, Creating Joy for Couples! empowers married & second-marriage couples with the secrets & skills for getting out of their relationship problems, and to stop the conflict, misunderstanding and disconnection between them, and start connecting and loving each other again.

Through my guidance and help in this unique, one-of-a-kind spiritual relationship coaching program, you and your partner can :

  • Resolve your immediate problems in a way that increases love & understanding.

  • Find and heal the underlying reasons for your specific patterns of relationship pain.

  • Learn how to get yourselves out of negative cycles.

  • Discover how to regain your personal emotional balance so you can quickly restore harmony & emotional closeness in your marriage.

  • Deepen your emotional intimacy & connection, trust, love & sexual fulfillment.

  • Learn skills for navigating through differing needs & expectations, so that both of you feel heard, understood, and can reach mutually satisfying agreements.

  • Learn how to transcend deep pain, & find forgiveness & healing for serious relationship wounds.

  • Gain crucial insight & clarity about how you create struggle in your marriage, & skills for Creating Joy instead!

What is Creating Joy for Couples?

Creating Joy for Couples is more than simply appointments or a series of sessions.  In therapy or intimacy counseling, clients typically schedule one session at a time, or sometimes a series of sessions. 

One of the distinctions from couples counseling or marriage therapy that sets my spiritual relationship coaching apart, is that all clients work with me initially in one of my specialized programs.  Creating Joy for Couples is thoughtfully, carefully and intentionally designed;  a highly fine-tuned personalized and step-wise intimacy and connection coaching program to guide you and your spouse in creating the loving, lasting and happy marriage you both desire.

The most important central distinction of Creating Joy for Couples is that we go deeper than typical couples counseling, to find and resolve the hidden, root causes of your marriage relationship problems. I provide the personalized guidance you need to resolve these root causes underlying your immediate and longer-standing relationship problems, so that your marriage can be transformed on a deep level, from the inside out. 

Healing the invisible causes of your problems is the secret to creating lasting change.

Other distinctions of Creating Joy for Couples include a specific number of appointments,  plus additional resources, including personalized easy-to-use self and relationship-care tools, that will further empower you to make the changes you achieve lasting.  

You can learn more in general about my Specialized Programs, including why clients begin this way, on the Getting Started page.   

Hundreds of couples have worked with me through Creating Joy for Couples.  Many who were even previously in deeply entrenched patterns of pain and conflict in their marriages ~ some on the brink of separation or divorce ~ have found hope, spiritual healing and renewal.  They have restored their marriages on a new solid foundation for flourishing with lasting love and happiness, and a deeply fulfilling emotional and sexual intimacy.

Joan & Bob happy & glowing like newlyweds with spiritual relationship coaching.

You May Have Questions ...

"We've been to couples counseling before, and we still have problems."
You may feel discouraged, and privately resigned to living with your problems, because nothing you have tried so far has solved them.  Part of you may fear that divorce may be your only option at this point, (what a thought!) or that you are somehow destined to be unhappy in your marriage for the rest of your life.  Many of my clients have felt the same way that you do.

As we have worked together through their fears and concerns, women and couples have found renewed hope that real change and healing is possible.  They have been empowered in solving not only their immediate problems, as well as guided in discovering and healing the underlying reasons and invisible roots under the surface of their marriage and intimacy challenges. 

Through the intimacy and connection coaching they receive in Creating Joy for Couples, they have given rebirth to the love between them, that many thought might have been irretrievably gone. Together, they learn how to create the emotional safe haven and joyful connection that is their hearts' deep desire.

"What should I do if my spouse doesn't want to participate?" 
In a word, come yourself.   Many, many, many times over the thirty years as a couples' counselor, women’s Energy Psychology therapist and spiritual life coach, that I have been helping women and couples, the healing and rejuvenation has begun because the woman first sought out help.   I have learned that being a spiritual leader in this way is part of our life purpose as women.   Being a spiritual leader for the changes and transformation we want in our marriages and relationships often means we see and feel the need enough that we are the first ones to step up to making changes.   

This wisdom from family therapy still holds true:  When we change ourselves, our marriages and relationships will of necessity change.   Sometimes this includes the spouse choosing to participate more actively in the process.

If your spouse doesn't want to participate with you, contact me about how I work with women individually, to help them solve their marriage relationship concerns. 

"What if other issues come up?"
Yes, other issues often do come up.  This is why the guided process of working with me in a spiritually grounded relationship coaching program has flexibility built in, so there is room in the process to address these additional issues and needs. You do not ever need to feel alone to figure out how to deal with them.   Plus each program includes teaching you personalized self-care tools and techniques, so you have new personal resources to deal with the ups and downs of daily life.  

Ignoring Issues rarely makes them truly go away.  

They just go underground and grow, like mushrooms in the dark, where they can multiply and become worse.  If not healed, they can become:

  • Living your life in a joyless marriage.

  • Depression.

  • The wearing down of your self-esteem and self-confidence.

  • Emotional distance and feeling like you are married to a stranger.

  • Divorce.

All of these and more are the risks you take if you choose to ignore the concerns you have about your marriage. 

You and and your spouse will continue changing, because that is a part of life.  

Seeking help when you feel in your heart that you need it, is being proactive about choosing to be in charge of the direction, rather than letting time and circumstances be in control.  Letting time and external events or circumstances be in control often results in ending up where we don't want to go.

For Such a Time as This in Your Marriage

Why work with me?

For over thirty years, I have been guiding women and couples to:

  • End their marriage or relationship problems for good.

  • Get off the Relationship Roller Coaster.

  • Heal the underlying reasons for their patterns of relationship pain and struggle.

  • Learn the secrets and skills to creating the happy, lasting, emotionally-close and intimate marriage of their dreams.

I have synthesized the expertise, insights and wisdom I gained from over three decades as a couples counselor and relationship therapist, with cutting-edge Energy Therapy, relationship coaching and Feminine Spiritual Power principles and sacred practices into Flourish Spiritual Life and Relationship Coaching™ ~ the "magic sauce" of the intimacy and connection coaching and counseling at the heart of Creating Joy for Couples.   I guide couples to gently and gracefully:

  • Gain freedom from the pain, the burdens, and the limitations of the past.

  • End their relationship problems,

  • Learn the skills and personal resources to create love and harmony in their marriages, and

  • Create a new beginning and personal foundation for a happy, joyful connection and intimacy in their marriage.

As an innate, lifelong Spiritual Healing Intuitive, and women’s Energy Psychology therapist and spiritual life coach, I am guided as I empower women and couples to find hope, healing, and lasting solutions for their personal and relationship problems, and then to co-create the flourishing, happy marriages of their hearts' deep Desires. 

I know the pain and heart-ache of marital conflict first-hand, having been previously divorced myself.  That was the past; I am now happily married to a wonderful man ~ and together, we have a joyful, heart-centered union. 

Through the journey to my own happy marriage, I have discovered the deeper secrets to lasting relationship harmony, intimacy and soul-satisfying love in the real world. 

The wisdom and insights I have learned, coupled with healing of the hidden causes of relationship conflict, and practical intimacy counseling and connection coaching are combined in this unique and exclusive, one-of-a-kind specialty program of spiritual relationship healing and growth for couples.  

I work with clients from through out the United States and Canada, and have helped countless women and couples to create loving, lasting, emotionally close and sexually fulfilling marriages.  

You, too, can gain lasting solutions, and the secrets to creating the marriage of your dreams, in the real world.

Does This Speak to Your Heart?

Pause ... tune in to your Self and your woman's deep Inner Knowing ...

If what you have read here speaks to your heart and resonates with your deepest Desires, and you feel a woman's inner recognition of truth ~ if you are ready to end your relationship problems for good ~ if you are ready to find true healing for your marriage, and create the loving, deep connection and lasting marriage your heart desires ~ I invite you with or without your spouse, to request a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation.  

Let's talk and see if we're a fit for helping you create the marriage you deeply Desire ~ the marriage that will make your heart sing.

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Click below to request your free report & begin healing today.


Sara & Ben's Love Story

Sara and Ben* were in their early forties and married for 12 years when they started working with me in Creating Joy for Couples.   They had 2 children and 2 busy careers, and life and unresolved issues were taking a toll on their marriage.

Sara especially felt stressed by the multiple demands she felt she had to meet, and that Ben did not really understand the long hours required by her career as a real estate agent, while being the primary parent responsible for their children’s school and other activities.  Ben was an assistant college basketball coach, and wanted Sara to attend more of his team’s games.  They were both struggling with feeling unheard and unappreciated, and that their lives had reduced to revolving around their careers and their kids – with little time for each other. 

In the middle of the basketball season, Ben’s mother took a turn for the worse, and they decided to move her in with them.  Sara cared about her, and wanted to help, but felt that Ben should do more too.  

When they started working with me they had reached an impasse ... 

 READ MORE to discover how Sara & Ben reignited the spark in their marriage.

Joan & Bob's Love Story

Joan and Bob* came to see me on the verge of separation. 

They had been married for 23 years, raised four children together, and built a successful business.  They had many years of conflictual communication, unhealed hurts and misunderstandings that had created a large wedge of anger and resentment between them. 

Joan thought that Bob worked too much, and wanted more time for “pre-retirement” travel.  Bob saw six more years of looming college and other expenses and thought he couldn’t let up.

Bob felt misunderstood and unappreciated, and started spending even more time at the office.  Joan felt alone and taken advantage of, and started drinking too much wine with dinner to help herself relax.  One thing led to another ...

KEEP READING to learn how Joan & Bob renewed their love.