Sales Policy

General Purchase Policy:

As we promote a number of specialized programs and offers at various times, we must adhere to our policy that products and program investment levels, special offers and the like are valid only for the dates and deadlines upon which they are offered, and are not valid on previous or future purchases.

Also any special offer codes must be used at the time of purchase, on the checkout page in our shopping cart, or when enrolling or purchasing over the phone, and they are not valid on previous or future purchases.

We don’t make exceptions to this policy as it would not be fair practice to do so.

Physical and Digital Products:

Please note the payment terms on the sales page for each individual product.

Telephone-based, Zoom or In-person Teaching, Mentoring and Coaching Programs, Groups and Events:

Please note the payment terms on the sales page or during the Discovery Initial Consult for each program.

Payment Policies:

If you choose a payment plan to pay for your program, you agree to pay the Initial Payment fee in full as per the terms of that payment plan as listed on the registration page or discussed in the Discovery Initial Consult for the program.

If you choose a payment plan to pay for your enrollment, and your credit or debit card is declined for any reason for any of the payments, you agree that immediately within 24 hours of the notification of the decline, use another form of payment, or you will forfeit your placement in the program until payment is made.   If this happens a second time, you will be removed from the program and not allowed to enroll in other programs of The Sophia  Women’s Institute.

If you choose to remove or cancel yourself from a program prior to the end of the program date, you understand that refunds are not issued, and if you’ve chosen to pay your enrollment fee via a payment plan, your balance is immediately due in full.

If you remove or cancel yourself out of your program and you have an outstanding balance for 15 days or longer, or your payments are not made in a timely manner according to the terms in your Client Agreement, we will proactively and assertively take steps to collect your balance, including retaining a collection agency or attorney to collect your remaining balance.  These steps may also include filing a negative report with consumer credit reporting bureaus and/or a legal claim.  You will be responsible for any additional fees incurred by these actions.    

Other Questions?

Simply get in touch with The Sophia Women's Institute team at:

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