Woman feeling happy she changed her life & marriage, with the help of Debra and The Sophia Women's Institute.

Getting Started is Easy.  Begin With a complimentary connecting call.

Are you excited and ready to begin working with me in a personalized program of your own?  Here is my 4-step Easy Getting Started Process to support you: 

  • STEP 1:  Complimentary Connecting Call.  Sometimes women want to connect with me on the phone briefly before applying for a Discovery Initial Consultation.  If this speaks to your heart, I welcome you to reach out for a brief (up to 15 minutes) complimentary Connecting Call.

If I am not available to speak with you when you call, just leave a message, stating your interest for a brief Connecting Call prior to applying for a Discovery Initial Consultation.  PLEASE NOTE:  BEFORE you request a Connecting Call, please review the information on this page.  Most general questions about my programs, the enrollment process, investment, etc. are answered here.

  • STEP 2: Discovery Initial Consultation Application.  
    Because I only have a limited number of spots for these consultations, and I want to give you the most during this appointment, I ask that you apply for a consultation.  In this application you will have the opportunity to tell me a little about yourself, the reasons you are reaching out at this time, and what your heart's Desire is in your life or marriage. 

    PLEASE NOTE:  Every question in the application is specific and intentional to assist you to express what you struggle with and what you deeply Desire in your life.  All questions must be answered, to be considered for a Discovery Initial Consultation.    Since I only have a limited number of Discovery Initial Consultations available, the sooner you send in your application, the sooner you will be considered to receive one.  

You will find the Discovery Session application here.


  • STEP 3: Flourishing in Life and Love! Discovery Initial Consultation. 
    Once I receive your Flourishing in Life & Love! Discovery Initial Consultation application, I will personally review it. One of my team members will let you know within 2 business days if you will receive one on these Initial Consultations with me, and how to schedule.

    All Discovery Initial Consultations are held via phone.
Benefits of a Discovery Initial Consultation with Debra Brown Gordy & The Sophia Women's Institute
  • STEP 4:  Enrolling in your personalized program.
    At the conclusion of your Discovery Initial Consultation, if there is a good connection between us and I feel I have the perfect program to powerfully support you to fulfill your heart's Desires, I will recommend the program that will best empower you to achieve them, and invite you to enroll.   Together,  I will guide you every step of the way through your program to the fulfillment of your heart's Desire.

Heal and Transform your life.  Create the juicy, soul-connection love you hunger for in your marriage.  make your highest contributions to the world.  become the heroine you were born to be through one of my specialty programs. 

Each program is thoughtfully, carefully and intentionally designed to meet your needs addressed in that program.  In general, programs include:

  • A specified number of sessions per your personalized program.  Other than groups, most programs typically include 2 spiritual life coaching and healing sessions per month.   Many programs also include additional sessions, separate from the coaching sessions.

  • The Sophia Method™ Spiritual Life & Relationship Coaching specifically custom-tailored to you to assist you in resolving and releasing the immediate issues causing your problems, as well as the ROOT CAUSES underlying your personal or relationship concerns.  This is the transformative, life and relationship-changing centerpiece of all my programs; EXCLUSIVELY available to those in personalized programs with me.

  • A Sophia Woman™ Self-care kit for each person enrolled, including the 4 -part, 100+ page Creating Joy! The Handbook for Fulfilling Your Heart's Desires in Life & Love .

  • Abundant personalized Sophia Woman™ self-care techniques, recommended by me to assist you in staying in a clear and positive place within yourself and in your relationships day to day.

  • A personalized guided meditation just for you!

The specific inclusions of your program are discussed at the time you enroll, and summarized in your Client Agreement.   Each program is designed to address your needs, life situation, and reasons for seeking help, to assist you in realizing your heart's deep Desire. 

Why Do New Clients Begin in Specialized Programs?

You may be wondering why I only work with new clients in a specialized program.  After many years of working with clients to support them in making lasting changes in their lives and marriages, these are the reasons that I have this policy.

The quick and simple answer is that while The Sophia Method™ Spiritual Life and Relationship Coaching can be quick also being effective and amazingly deep when need be,  it still takes time to achieve your dreams.  The more complete answer is that Spiritual Life and Relationship Coaching goes to the root causes and blocks for the concerns in a client's life and relationships, and harnesses the unseen spiritual power for healing the root causes for your pain and struggle. 

We then go beyond solving problems to guiding you to replace them with the foundation for new patterns of happiness, love and fulfillment.  Accomplishing this level of healing and growth, and creating this new foundation, necessarily takes time, including time to create and become balanced in a new "set-point".    All growth happens this way.

The unseen spiritual power for success is encapsulated and summarized by what I call Universal Laws.  Learning the Universal Laws, and learning how to live them in your personal life, in your marriage, and in other areas of your life, is the second major component of healing and growth, and of learning how to become a Conscious Co-creator of the happy, fulfilling life and marriage you dream of.  This is so important that if a client only accesses the first part, that is, if a client only finds and releases the underlying root causes of their problems, WITHOUT learning how to consciously live the Universal Laws, the healing and change will not be complete and lasting.  It will not be fully Transformational.

Universal Laws are principles of creation that apply universally.  Just as the Law of Gravity, a Physical Universal Law, applies to everyone all the time, so the Spiritual Universal Laws apply to all people, across all cultures and times.  Among the very first of these hidden, spiritual principles of power is the Law of Commitment.  My policy of accepting new clients exclusively on a program basis, powerfully supports you to access the unseen spiritual power of the Spiritual Law of Commitment.   I am supporting you to step up to a high level of commitment to yourself, to your marriage, and to achieving your heart's Desire.  

As WH Murray, a Scottish mountaineer and writer, reflected in his memoir:

Commit to doing your Soul Work to fulfill your heart's Desire.

Is There an Investment for a Discovery Initial Consultation?

The customary investment for a Flourishing in Life and Love! Discovery Initial Consultation is $300.00.  For a limited time, this Discovery Initial Consultation for an individual is available for a special investment of $150.00, paid at the time of scheduling.

what About Program Lengths, Investment and Payment Methods?

Your program length is specific to the program I recommend for you.   I will share this when I make the recommendation.  At the completion of your initial program, we will talk about next steps, including how you can address other concerns and fulfill other heart's Desires you may have. 

Many women choose to schedule "tune-up" appointments as needed, after the completion of their initial program.

Your program investment includes all of the program elements described above plus those specific to the program you enroll in.  In consideration of the personalized nature of your program, the program investment and payment options are discussed at the end of your Discovery Initial Consultation.  Payment is accepted via MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express with your first payment made at the time of enrolling.   Some programs are paid for in full at the time of enrolling.

Please note that all program investments change periodically.  Once you are enrolled, your program fee is set, and will not increase for you through the enrollment period of your program. 

All the details specific to your program are summarized in your Client Agreement, for your easy reference.  

A Note About Insurance or Payment from Third Parties

Spiritual Life and Relationship Coaching and mentoring does not diagnose or treat mental disorders and is not psychotherapy;  therefore it is not covered by insurance.  You will receive a receipt for your payments, which you can then give to a third party if they will be reimbursing you.  All program fees are to be paid by clients directly to The Sophia Women's Institute, per the specifics in your Client Agreement.

Ready to Apply for A Discovery Initial Consultation?

Only a few spots for a Flourishing in Life and Love! Discovery Initial Consultation are available at a time, so if this speaks to your heart, apply today

When you are deeply committed to achieving the fulfilling life and marriage your heart Desires, and are ready and willing to invest in yourself to achieve it, I am deeply committed to supporting you on your journey.

All of the unique, specialized one-of-a-kind programs I provide are deeply empowering for women ~ guiding you to achieve what your heart hungers for in the real world of your life, empowering you to move beyond your past experiences, past your family history, beyond your private challenges, self-doubt or insecurities, beyond painful traumatic experiences, and past your routine daily habits of the way you create your life now, to true flourishing ~ into creating your Extraordinary Heroine's Life.  

Boldness plus commitment has Creative Power and magic in it.

Does this Speak to your Heart?

Then I warmly encourage you to say Yes to the calling of your Soul and begin now.    Getting started is easy.   Request your complimentary Connecting Call today.