Hope and Healing for Women Divorcing Gay Men: My Story

This is a personal story that I have kept privately to myself for over 30 years. This was the beginning of my own feminist awakening and Heroine’s Journey.

For nearly 10 years I was married to a man who was gay.

He has passed now, and I feel that I am ready to share this story of my experience in our marriage, the impact it had on me, and the research that I did in graduate school about women going through this experience. Just as it was then, my desire in sharing this story now, is to support other women to find healing for one of the deepest, most personal heartaches, rejections and traumas they may ever experience.

If this is your situation, I hope you find encouragement and hope from this post. If you know other women married and/or divorced from gay men, please share this post with them. Even today, women going through this life experience are among the least understood and least supported groups of women I know of,

It is time they find the help, hope, support and healing they need. It is time, that women divorced from gay men, experience the love and desire in marriage that I and many others, have found on the other side.

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Are You Stuck on the Relationship Roller Coaster?

Relationship problems are like songs we don’t like.   We have conflict or problems in our relationships, so we change something we’re doing. It’s just like we change the songs we listen to, when we are tired of hearing them or don’t like them anymore.  

The disturbing thing is, when you keep trying to change the songs of your relationship problems, you really prolong them.  Why?   

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Why Can't I Get Over Him? (and Get On with My Life)

Shelley* is seeing Dan (again). She has been with Dan for most of the last seventeen years; in fact, Shelley has been married to Dan twice in that time, and both times, it was a disaster.  Both times, she got out, and yet Shelley continues to return to Dan, even though she knows what a mistake it is.  It’s almost as if she can’t help it; Shelley says that she feels as if she is a bird mesmerized by her reflection in the glass, and she continues being drawn back to him  even though she knows disaster is looming ahead, and even though she hates it.     

What is going on?  Why can't Shelley get over Dan?

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Are You Attracting Frogs Or Princes?

Is this the year you will attract your prince?   Or instead, will you attract frogs?     This can be the year that you meet “Mr. Right”.   If you haven’t done so, NOW is the time to set the spiritual and energetic foundation for manifesting your dream marriage. 

Discover three timeless practices that will help you attract the man of your dreams, or transform your marriage with deepened love, emotional connection and juiciness this year and beyond.

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