Invoking the Goddess: Midsummer Magic and Transformation

Midsummer is here! Do you LOVE this season as much as I do? Did you know that Midsummer is one of the oldest seasonal celebrations, going back thousands of years? And do you know the ancient origins of this season, what the meaning and symbolism is, and how it is such a potent vehicle for connection with the Goddess and transformation?

Learn more, including contemporary ways we STILL connect with Midsummer, even today, and how you can do so too.

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"Help! I' ve Just ________!" Energy Psychology Immediate Self-care for Shock & Traumatic Experiences

When stress and painful experiences happen, or the experiences of day to day living become overwhelming and depleting, we can go into the stress response. While this is intended to help you get through the immediate situation, stress and traumatic experiences are very hard emotionally, mentally and physically. The best resources I know of, by far, to help us get through the stress, discharge the emotions and return to a state of balance and peace, come from Energy Psychology. Bar none.

In fact, over one million people around the world have discovered the effectiveness of Energy Psychology for releasing the stress response. 1 Here are 3 easy to use Energy Psychology Immediate Self-care Resources for stress and painful, upsetting or traumatic experiences.

They will help you release the shock, discharge the painful emotions, and reclaim your power so you can take whatever next steps you need for yourself and your loved ones.

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Creating a Healing Temple: Spiritual & Energetic Self-care when Undergoing Medical Care

Your body has tremendous power for healing and renewal. I can attest to this personally. This post is a short protocol I developed to create a healing temple for myself, when I underwent surgery and follow up treatments a few years ago. I still use this process anytime I have a medical appointment.

Learn how you can create a Healing Temple for yourself anytime, by following these simple steps.

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Planting the Seeds for Your Heart's Desires ~ The Secret of the Wheel of the Year

Do you feel the excitement and stirrings of Early Spring? From time immemorial, women the world over have been honoring the seasons and the Wheel of the Year through women’s rituals and ceremonies, often in Women’s Circles. This is a graceful, rhythmically in sync Divine Feminine way to learn to be the Feminine Creator you are. Learn how you can participate in a Women’s Seasonal Circle to plant the seeds of your heart’s Desires. …

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Energy Psychology Heals Your Inner Child Wounds and the Effects of Trauma: The Missing Link to Transforming Your Life & Fulfilling Your Heart's Desires

We often talk about our inner child, and the wounds we experience in our earlier life experiences. Many don't realize the degree and significance of the impact of these experiences. Do you know how significant an influence they can be in your current adult life and relationships?

Learn about the impact of childhood and birth experiences as the source of many of the hidden reasons for your most difficult problems, and persistent patterns of struggle in your life, your marriage or any other area of your life, and discover a methodology to heal and release them, so you can finally be freed to flourish in your life and relationship. Rapid Eye Technology is this healing method, incorporated in The Sophia Method of Spiritual Energetic Healing™.

My flagship women's program, Freeing the Heroine Within! incorporates this powerful healing method, to assist women to finally be free of the painful impact of their earliest life experiences, so they can achieve their dreams ... in the real world.

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What is Energy Psychology? Introduction to the Science Behind the Magic of Lasting Healing and Transformation

What is the secret to the results that clients experience through their work with me? What is the science behind the “magic” and profound healing and transformation clients experience?

The Sophia Method™ of Spiritual Life Coaching & Multi-dimensional Healing and Transformation incorporates Energy Psychology. These are resources that empower us to go to the level of root cause of the challenges in our lives and relationships, so these underlying issues, which are very often hidden from our conscious awareness, can be accessed, released and resolved. Once these root causes of client’s problems are released, Energy Psychology resources then are powerful tools to create the energetic matrix and foundation for living and loving, serving and contributing in your highest and best way ~ for creating and living your best life and Soul embodiment in your life now. They have profound emotional, spiritual and relationship benefits and are in process of being researched by the academic community.

Energy Psychology methods include the best resources I know of for healing trauma and it’s after-effects, both in a woman’s own life and relationships and in her previous generations that have been passed on to her, as well as profound resources for personal empowerment to fulfill her Soul Purpose.

Sound intriguing and compelling? Yes they are! Energy Psychology methods are the cutting-edge exciting pioneer in the healing, personal growth and Self-actualization field. This article gives a succinct introductory overview, and how I use them in The Sophia Method™.

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The High Cost of Waiting

Time. Time is the only non-renewable resource we have.

This is one woman’s story of waiting, almost too long as it turned out, and the transformation of her life when she finally said Yes to her heart’s Desires.

What if she had not said yes? What if the tragedy that came to her heart and home had occurred before she took her Heroine’s Journey? What if she had waited too long?

This is her story of an even bigger tragedy that was averted because she said Yes to her heart’s inner knowing. She is profoundly grateful to this day, for this any many other reasons that she didn’t wait any longer to fulfill her heart’s deep Desires.

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Patience, Self-mastery and Your Heroine's Journey

Some ask how faith in God fits into the bigger picture of transforming your life or marriage, and Self-realization. Readers who are familiar at all with my work, and certainly those who work with me personally know that I credit the Divine as the Creator and Author of all possibility to change, and that we gain access to the power to change and grow through faith in Jesus Christ.

This post is from a talk I gave in a Sunday worship service of the church I belong to. I share it to give you a deeper understanding from a Scriptural viewpoint of the Heroine’s Journey toward perfection and growth into becoming our True Selves, and receiving the Fullness of God.

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Not One Sparrow is Forgotten: A Mother's Day Message

Living Water began 4 years ago around Mother’s Day, when I was prompted to share messages from Divine Mother for spiritually searching and awakening women. This year’s Mothers Day post is a message from her that I received over the course of about 10 days this month. It’s her response to a lovely modern hymn I sang a couple of years ago. .

Not One Sparrow is Forgotten was written for, and recorded by the Dale Warland Singers. It is modern American hymnody at it very best, and touched me deeply when I first sang it. You can listen to the clip at the end of the message. Not One Sparrow has lingered in my mind and heart, as I have felt these questions myself.

Women who are searching deeply within themselves for answers to difficult experiences of personal, family or systemic abuse and/or trauma will find guidance, love, encouragement and hope. Women who are seeking and ready to step up to a greater role in the transformation and great shift that we are moving into will find encouragement and empowerment. Men will find love and guidance. She Desires that all feel deeply heard, seen, witnessed and loved.

Divine Mother is speaking to more and more of us. Blessed Be!

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Beethoven & Transformation: On Singing the Ninth Symphony

Beethoven’s 9th Symphony is generally thought to be the greatest art masterwork of the Western world. Why is it so enduringly inspiring and monumentally moving? What does Beethoven himself, and this “symphony to end all symphonies” have to tell us about transformation? Why is it that this symphony is so beloved the world over, that it has inspired movements of transformational change for nearly 200 years? How can Beethoven inspire you?

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