Enjoy these true stories of accomplished spiritually-awakening women who secretly hungered for more love, fulfillment and joy in life. Each knew she was meant to do more and to be more, but didn't know how (or if!) she could achieve them. Each woman discovered power she never knew she had, found freedom to be more of her True Self and finally accomplished That Thing her Soul was pressing her to do, through the course of our work together. I hope they inspire you on your Heroine's Journey!

Lisa transformed her life

Lisa's Heroine Story

Prior to starting with me, Lisa* felt STUCK in big ways in her life.  She laughingly said she had been in mid-life crisis mode for ten years! 

She had been doing things to make improvements, so she could have more love and connection with her husband, peace with her family, personal fulfillment, and a career with more income potential, meaning and fulfillment.  In fact Lisa had put her considerable knowledge, talents, skills and effort into creating a more fulfilling life.  She had been in conventional counseling, holistic life coaching, gone through specific trauma treatment and had tried business and executive coaching.  Yet Lisa still felt stuck. 

Lisa wanted peace.   She wanted love, emotional connection, and enjoyment with her husband and family.   She wanted a meaningful career that drew upon her talents and interests.  Mostly, Lisa wanted out of the repeating patterns of struggle she felt trapped in.

And frankly, she wanted all of this now!  

That was when she found me (she believes she was led to me by the Divine.)   As we were talking about the changes in her life, Lisa was so happy and excited because she feels she has finally achieved her heart’s deep Desires.   The conflict and struggle with her husband is gone.  They are closer and both enjoying their marriage like they never have before.   

The cycles of conflict Lisa experienced with others are also gone, and others don’t violate her boundaries anymore.  She is able to enjoy experiences and mutual interests without other’s people stuff and bad behavior upsetting her, including some really big challenges with her husbands’ family.  

Lisa left a well-compensated tech position with a major research university that was emotionally and spiritually draining, to launch a business that uses her interests, artistic talents and unique skills.  Her business is fulfilling and provides her time and freedom to do other things she enjoys, while providing a significant income. 

As Lisa reflected, she said the significantly increased happiness, love, peace, self-confidence and direction, fulfillment and meaning she now so gratefully enjoys came as a result of the work we did together.

In Her Own Words
Lisa wrote, “If I had not worked with you Debra, I would still be stuck where I was before.   I would still be having frequent conflict with my husband and others.  I would still be personally unhappy, and in a boring corporate position that paid well, but was deadening to my soul.  I don’t think anything would have shifted without working with you, since I had been stuck for decades." 

"I know I would not have the peace and happiness I do now, or have it so solid that negative events in the world do not alter it much.”

Our work together has made such a difference in Lisa’s life that she states:

“Working with Debra is so much better and faster than traditional methods, it is almost shocking! You can talk until you are blue in the face about your negative feelings and reactions, and it changes them a little. Working with Debra just deletes them completely.”

Healed her life & family

Helene's Heroine Story

Helene* was a rancher in her early 50’s when she called me.   She was running a multi-million-dollar per year operation through family necessity.  In her heart, Helene was a musician.  She gave up her heart's Desire and a very promising career as a singer when her father demanded that she come and help on the ranch.  As the oldest of only girls in her family, it was always her job to step in and help her parents and her sisters. 

She was really good at it.  Helene cared about her family, her land, her animals and her employees and they were thriving.  Helene however, felt like she was dying inside.  She was in a deep mid-life crisis, and her body was telling her in increasingly loud ways that some things needed to change.

She also felt compassion and a desire to help, along with intense ambivalence, guilt and obligation.   Her father couldn’t run the ranch by himself anymore (even though he still tried) and there was no one else in her family to take over part of her responsibilities.  She truly did feel like screaming, and the stress, emotional and spiritual pain were intense.

As we worked together, Helene discovered the origin of her family role and how it had been passed down to her through her father’s side for 5 generations.  She discovered and acknowledged the patterns of emotional boundary violations and abuse that were part of this generational pattern which also defined her father’s life ~ he too gave up a dream as a younger man to run the family ranch.  Working together in her Heroine Within program, Helene was able to heal and be freed from this family generational trauma pattern, and the ways that her dreams and self-direction as a woman were stolen from her through this generational pattern.   As a higher expression of her family role, Helene was also the catalyst and instrument in healing and releasing this pattern from the emotional and spiritual matrix of her family line.

There were challenges, with her father particularly, when Helene made changes in the way the ranch was managed.  Through the work we did, she was empowered to reclaim her self-direction and move forward with her own life again.  She hired a ranch manager to take over some of her responsibilities, and reclaimed time for personal interests and self-care.  She began dating for the first time in years, and expanded her circle of friendships, neither of which she had time for in the past.  Her high blood pressure, and pre-diabetic status decreased.   She lost weight, and as the stress and emotional pain were relieved she looked years younger.  Helene also felt happier, and more fulfilled than she had been for years.

With her parents’ passing the ranch was sold, and the generational pattern of the oldest child in her family sacrificing themselves and their dreams in unhealthy ways for the family has been released.   The proceeds from the sale of the ranch provided the financial means for Helene, her daughter and her sisters to live well, thanks to Helene's stewardship and care.    

Helene’s new heart's Desire was to start a children’s non-profit, providing piano and voice lessons for children who otherwise would not be able to have them.   Proceeds from the sale of the ranch provided the seed money to start.  Helene is joyously happy and deeply fulfilled in her new musical home, as she helps children pursue their dreams through music.

Yvonne healed from her divorce

Yvonne's Heroine Story, Part I

Yvonne* was coping with many life transitions, including going through a difficult divorce when she began working with me.   In addition to healing and moving through the transitions in her life from her divorce, Yvonne also felt restless and dissatisfied with her professional life.  She Desired a career that would pay well while supporting her to have freedom with her schedule as a busy divorced mother.  And she also Desired a career that would make a difference for others, but she wasn't clear about what that was.

As we worked together, the clarity Yvonne sought came to her.  From the benefit she saw for others of sharing her own life story, she determined to help others through her gifts as a writer, to tell their stories of transformation and transcendence.  Today, Yvonne has several New York Times best sellers to her credit.  She is now expanding her ability to make a difference by coaching other authors to transform the world through writing their stories of personal triumph and transcendence over tragedy or personal trial.


*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of clients.  All images are representative only.