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Gather the Women Virtual Women's Circle

 4 women as modern pioneers facing the future together

I am so thrilled and excited to be hostessing the monthly Gather the Women Virtual Circle!

If you don't know, Gather the Women is a global sisterhood that connects women through circles, "creating safe space to share our true selves. In circles, we find our voices, reclaim our power and remember our self-worth. We celebrate our unique diversity as well as the rising of the Divine Feminine, leading to personal and planetary transformation.”

As we gather in circle, and find “our [authentic] voices, reclaim our power and remember our self-worth,"  we experience the magic of personal transformation.   This is profoundly life-changing and in fact sacred; it is also the first layer of the power and the potential of women circles. 

With each other and in our circles, we talk about women rising and the rising of the Divine Feminine.   For each of us, there is a time to expand out of the sacred container – the sacred womb – of the circle and rise out in the world.  There comes a time when we are called to use our authentic voices, our Divine Feminine wisdom, strength, insight, knowledge, gifts and sacred Feminine Spiritual Power™ in service to the world.  This is the time we are called to become the Feminine Leader we are each born to be, in an outward, larger scale and sphere of influence.

As we say yes! and step into this sacred calling, we are called to sacred activism, in service to humanity, and in service to transforming the world.  We have recently seen and may have participated in large scale, global initiatives of sacred activism, such as #MeToo.   Our greatest spheres of influence and power for transforming and healing the world as Feminine Leaders is within the circles of our marriages, our families, our people and our communities. 

“The world will be changed by the Western woman” the Dalai Llama famously said.  Ultimately, the world will be changed as we rise up in sacred activism as the Feminine Leaders we are, in these spheres of personal involvement, with the people and relationships closest to us.

Our topics for our Circle will be Feminine Leadership and Sacred Activism.  Sister with these topics is the archetype of the pioneer, fitting for a circle held on July 24, which is commemorated by my people the world over as a day to honor pioneers!

Come Join Us!   All are welcome!   Click the link below to get the participation details.