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Out of the Luminous Silence: Embracing the Divine Feminine Through Women's Rituals

A Virtual Gathering for Spiritually-Awakening Women

 A High Priestess practicing ritual to connect with Divine Mother

More and more women hunger for deepened, substantive spiritual fulfillment.  Many find the male-defined and dominated structures and rules of traditional religions increasingly stifling and stultifying.  Women seek a deeper connection with the Divine, one that embraces Heavenly Mother and expresses their own Divinity.  

For eons this yearning has been satisfied through women’s rituals. Though banished and driven underground by patriarchal religions, they are not lost.  Come and learn about this ancient path to connection and embrace with the Divine ~ the Feminine Path to God.

This was a presentation I shared at the Sunstone Symposium, and I am excited to share it again.  Last year, we had standing room only for this presentation, and lots of eager participation.  Now it's your turn!

What You'll Learn During this Sunstone Symposium 2017 Encore:

  • Debunking Myths, Stereotypes and Fears About Women's Rituals

  • The Difference Between the Sacraments of Protestant religions, LDS Ordinances and Women's Rituals

  • Examples of Rituals in America in the pioneer and modern eras

  • Why Women's Rituals Are So Powerfully Transformative

  • Three Suggestions for Connecting with the Divine Feminine Through Rituals Today

  • The Path of the Priestess: Why It's Crucial To Reclaim Women's Rituals in Our Time

    Preregistration is required. This event will be held in The Sophia Women's Circle private Facebook group. To attend and receive your Beginners Guide to Women's Rituals, you must reserve your spot, HERE. No recording will be made available, so be sure and mark this date and time in your calendar so you can attend in person.