Hope and Healing for Women Divorcing Gay Men: My Story

This is a personal story that I have kept privately to myself for over 30 years. This was the beginning of my own feminist awakening and Heroine’s Journey.

For nearly 10 years I was married to a man who was gay.

He has passed now, and I feel that I am ready to share this story of my experience in our marriage, the impact it had on me, and the research that I did in graduate school about women going through this experience. Just as it was then, my desire in sharing this story now, is to support other women to find healing for one of the deepest, most personal heartaches, rejections and traumas they may ever experience.

If this is your situation, I hope you find encouragement and hope from this post. If you know other women married and/or divorced from gay men, please share this post with them. Even today, women going through this life experience are among the least understood and least supported groups of women I know of,

It is time they find the help, hope, support and healing they need. It is time, that women divorced from gay men, experience the love and desire in marriage that I and many others, have found on the other side.

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"Help! I' ve Just ________!" Energy Psychology Immediate Self-care for Shock & Traumatic Experiences

When stress and painful experiences happen, or the experiences of day to day living become overwhelming and depleting, we can go into the stress response. While this is intended to help you get through the immediate situation, stress and traumatic experiences are very hard emotionally, mentally and physically. The best resources I know of, by far, to help us get through the stress, discharge the emotions and return to a state of balance and peace, come from Energy Psychology. Bar none.

In fact, over one million people around the world have discovered the effectiveness of Energy Psychology for releasing the stress response. 1 Here are 3 easy to use Energy Psychology Immediate Self-care Resources for stress and painful, upsetting or traumatic experiences.

They will help you release the shock, discharge the painful emotions, and reclaim your power so you can take whatever next steps you need for yourself and your loved ones.

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Patience, Self-mastery and Your Heroine's Journey

Some ask how faith in God fits into the bigger picture of transforming your life or marriage, and Self-realization. Readers who are familiar at all with my work, and certainly those who work with me personally know that I credit the Divine as the Creator and Author of all possibility to change, and that we gain access to the power to change and grow through faith in Jesus Christ.

This post is from a talk I gave in a Sunday worship service of the church I belong to. I share it to give you a deeper understanding from a Scriptural viewpoint of the Heroine’s Journey toward perfection and growth into becoming our True Selves, and receiving the Fullness of God.

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On Rebirth & Renewal: Reflections on the Resurrection

This is the second of two posts about the spiritual power that is the source of our ability to change., to grow, to heal and to transform our lives and our marriages, and ultimately, the source of our ability to fulfill our destinies.    

". . The Resurrection is more than something that happens sometime in the future ~ the physical reuniting of our bodies with our spirits.  The Resurrection is also being raised up in this Earth life.

Jesus descended to Earth, he condescended to live a mortal life, to get in the game of mortality, to be all in, and live among us, to experience the messiness, the pain, the sorrow, the physical challenges and limitations, temptations, sorrows, heartaches, as well as the joys, the sweetness, the triumphs, the growth and the love, to walk and love and serve and experience mortality among us in full humanity, so that he can raise us up, not only in the physical Resurrection sometime, somewhere out there and then, but also here and now, in the midst of our own mortal lives. 

Because of his life, his Atonement and his Resurrection, we can be renewed and reborn to newness of life spiritually and emotionally here and now."

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Reflections on the Atonement

Spiritual power..  The source of our ability to change, to grow and to heal, to transform our lives, to create the loving marriages we deeply Desire and to fulfill our unique destinies is grounded in spiritual power.  

This post, from a talk I gave in church a few years ago on Easter, shares my reflections on the source of that power ~ the Atonement of Jesus Christ.   

What I share in this post and a companion piece form the foundational bedrock of my deepest beliefs and convictions about the possibility and power we all have to transform our lives, our marriages and fulfill our Destinies.  While I may not speak about this directly or often, they are at the heart of everything I teach and everything I do in the Sophia Women's Institute.  These teachings are included in the women's mystery teachings and schools, and have been from time immemorial. 

In this post I share my thoughts about the gift and meaning of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, for all of us.  While I speak from my point of view as an LDS woman, I believe these reflections speak to the needs and yearnings of every one of us, and are universal just as the Atonement itself is universal.    

May these reflections  bring you joy and gladness, hope and renewal this Easter season and always!


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