The High Cost of Waiting

After paying a high cost for waiting, Lisa transformed her life

Lisa* waited quite a while before she began her Heroine's Journey.  She thought she could handle the challenges she was experiencing by herself.  After all, she was educated and accomplished professionally, and had many gifts and other successes in her life.  She thought surely she could turn things around in her personal life and marriage too.  She just needed more time.  

But frankly, prior to starting with me, Lisa felt STUCK in big ways in her life.  She had been doing things here and there to make improvements, so she could experience more love and connection with her spouse, peace with her family, personal fulfillment, and a career that was more meaningful and fulfilling.

In fact she had put her considerable knowledge, talents, skills and effort into creating a more fulfilling life.  She had been in conventional counseling, she had tried business and executive coaching, and a lot of other things besides, and she was still stuck.  Despite her knowledge and skills, Lisa had gone through two rounds of layoffs, one divorce, and had significant and frequent conflict with her current spouse and others.

She wanted peace, she wanted love, emotional connection, and enjoyment with her husband and family, and a more fulfilling and meaningful career that drew upon her talents and interests without the vulnerability to layoffs due to changing market conditions.  She wanted out of the repeating patterns of struggle she felt trapped in. 

And frankly, she wanted all of this now!   

That was when she found me (she believes she was led to me by the Divine.)  As we were talking about the changes in her life since she began working with me, Lisa was so happy and excited because she now has a level of fulfillment, enjoyment and peace in her life that she has never had before.  The conflict and struggle with her husband and family are gone, and they are closer and both enjoying their marriage and family like they never have before. 

The cycles of conflict Lisa experienced with others are also gone, and others don’t violate her boundaries anymore.  She is able to enjoy experiences and mutual interests without other’s people stuff and bad behavior upsetting her, including some really big challenges with her husbands’ family.  In some cases, those other people and their behavior have significantly changed for the better, without their participating directly in any way whatsoever in her program with me!  (That is often one of the magical effects of doing your own work ~ once you have healed and released something at it's root cause, you stop attracting the social mirror reflecting it back to you.  There is no need for it anymore, and you stop sending out the signals that attract it to you.)

Lisa left a corporate position that was draining and deadening to her, to launch a business that uses her interests, artistic talents and unique skills; one that is enjoyable and provides her time and freedom spend with her family and  to do other things she enjoys, while providing a significant income.

As she reflected, she believes the significantly increased happiness, love, peace, self-confidence and direction, fulfillment and meaning she now so gratefully enjoys came as a result of the work we did together. 

Lisa stated,

“If I had not worked with you Debra, I would still be stuck where I was before. I would still be having frequent conflict with my husband and others. I would still be unhappy personally, and in a boring corporate position that paid well, but was deadening to my soul. I don’t think anything would have shifted without working with you, since I had been stuck for decades." I know I would not have the peace and happiness I do now, or have it so solid that negative events in the world do not alter it much.”

Our work together has made such a difference in Lisa's life that she specifically wants to share this:  

"Debra's work is so much better and faster than traditional methods, it is almost shocking! You can talk until you are blue in the face about your negative feelings and reactions, and it changes them a little."

"Working with Debra just deletes them completely.”

Stuck for Decades

Lisa was stuck for DECADES before she started working with me.  I think we can agree that that is an awfully long time to wait before you begin to achieve the loving marriage and fulfilling life you deeply desire. 

Time is Lisa's one non-renewable resource.  Her biggest regret was that she waited so long to get help in saying yes to the hunger of her heart;  regret for the lost years of loving closeness and enjoyment with her husband, family and friends, lost years in a career that is more fulfilling to her, and ideally suited to her unique talents and gifts.  The biggest change she made and insight she gained in her program was to listen to her heart and to say yes to her heart's knowing and heart's Desires.  Those were years that she will never get back, so she is savoring every new day of happiness, fulfillment and joy now.

Every day has been especially precious since Lisa said yes, because three years after completing her Heroine Within program, Lisa's only child died in a tragic and completely unexpected accident.  How grateful she is for those three years of closeness, love and harmony within her family!

What About You?

What would it do for you, to get unstuck from whatever it is that keeps you stuck? 

What would it do for you, to finally have the love and connection in your marriage your heart craves?   What would it do for you to have the personal peace and happiness you yearn for?  What would it do for you to have a meaningful career that draws upon your unique gifts and talents, that provides the income you want and the freedom to enjoy your beautiful life? 

What is the cost you are paying, by staying stuck?

If this resonates with you, your heart is telling you it’s time to get off the fence.  If you have been waiting till the last minute to apply for Freeing the Heroine Within, the last minute has arrived.  Just as for Lisa, time is also your one non-renewable resource. 

This is not a large group program, where you will get lost in the crowd.  Freeing the Heroine Within is a personalized program, with potential for connecting in a small, intimate circle of accomplished women professionals, all committed to achieving their heart’s Desires for a loving marriage and joyful life, in the real world of their lives, with all the “messiness” that living in this world entails ~ just like Lisa.   

This is perfect for you if you are ready to go for your dreams full out, and you know you need to do something different to actually manifest them.

Freeing the Heroine Within is also perfect for you if you have tried other things to fulfill your dreams and failed.  I’ve helped other women achieve their dreams of a loving marriage and fulfilling life for over thirty years, including my own.   I know what it takes, and I can help you get there.  

Above all, it’s for you if you know you are living far below your potential, in love and fulfillment, and also in what you could be to the world, and are ready to stop messing around and get serious about making the contributions and leaving the legacy that only you can make.

Freeing the Heroine Within is the gateway to your Heroine’s Journey, launching your life, your marriage and your career to the next level of both your personal fulfillment and your big contribution to the world that is entrusted to you to make.   This is why it is my flagship program, and why I have devoted so much time and “heartspace” to guiding women through this program.

In this program, I am going to walk beside you, and as you take your Journey.  You will be supported and guided in a crucible of support and love, and birthed into a new you, to the fulfillment of your heart’s deep Desires.    

You won't find this level of support and expertise anywhere else. 

Learn from Lisa’s experience

Lisa paid a high price by waiting, and almost lost time with her child that was irreplaceable. Waiting decades is too long to wait to fulfill your heart’s Desires.  The love and fulfillment you hunger for is on the other side of Yes.  You have someone to become, people to love, and things to do, that only you can do.  The people closest to you and the world needs you to step up and say Yes! to your Dreams.

The transformation and growth required to take your Heroines Journey, and do your Inner Work, so you can manifest your deepest Desires is the core of Freeing the Heroine Within.   The program is designed to guide you along this journey as quickly and easily as possible. 

I have drawn upon everything I have learned along my own Heroines’ Journey, personally and professionally, in creating this program to powerfully, yet gracefully and easily guide you in yours.

If you hunger for more love and fulfillment in your life ~ 

If you are ready to get the rest of your life on track, so you can enjoy a loving marriage & fulfilling life, along with your professional success ~

Freeing the Heroine Within will powerfully guide you on your Heroine's Journey to the love and deep fulfillment that will make your woman's heart sing with joy.

There are only a limited number of openings at any one time in this exclusive, platinum-style program, so if this speaks to your heart, take action by learning more about Freeing the Heroine Within, then contact me today. 

Debra Brown Gordy, MS MRET is a Women’s Energy Psychology therapist & Spiritual Life Coach, & founder of The Sophia Women’s Institute. She specializes in inner child healing, relationship coaching & intimacy counseling, & divorce coaching for accomplished, spiritually-awakening women. She has advanced expertise in Energy Psychology methods, including Rapid Eye Technology & Soul Detective Healing.

Through unique Energy Therapy & Spiritual Life Coaching programs & Women’s Sacred Practices, she guides clients through the inner healing & transformation they need to achieve the outer results they Desire, & the soul-satisfying life they love.

To learn more, visit The Sophia Women’s Institute.