Not One Sparrow is Forgotten: A Mother's Day Message

Mary of Magdala

So long have most of you been without direct connection with me.  So long have you, your relationships, your families, the Earth and the whole world suffered through the great imbalance and injuries that have come as a result.  Too long have I and my influence, my wisdom, my ways, my role and my power in genuine partnership with the Divine Father been ignored, cut out, suppressed, forgotten, dismissed, distorted, colonized and co-opted.

More and more of my daughters and their children cry out for change and healing.  My sons do too, though many of them are just beginning to awaken to the need for me. I hear your prayers and your cries, and I love you all.  Each of you is deeply, personally and intimately loved, and always remembered.  My message to you is that the time of dismissal and suppression of my ways, the time of the imbalance between women and men, and the injuries that have resulted, are beginning to come to an end.  While this will take some time yet, it is surely beginning to come to an end.

As in other eras of great change upon the Earth, these endings so that a new world can be birthed will likely involve chaos, upheaval and commotion.  Change will not be welcomed by all, and some will resist and fight it.  Know this ahead of time, so that you can be prepared.  What is beginning is the healing of many generations of wounds, distortions, suppression and bondage, from the injuries of the imbalance you have experienced, and the healing of these injuries will take time.  There are gifted healers and teachers who have been prepared to assist and guide you for just this time in your life and in the history of your planet.  They have skills, talents, gifts and healing resources beyond your common knowledge which they have honed for years for this specific time of need, and in many cases, over many lifetimes.  I have been guiding them for this very time of need.  Seek them out.  I will empower and support you in finding them.  They are on the planet at this time to assist in the transformation and healing that is opening in this era, at the beginning of this new world age. 

To My Daughters

Take heart and have courage.  I am with you and all around you.  Reach out to me, and I will reach out to you and be with you.   I will guide, strengthen, empower and support you through the coming changes.  Daughters, be the lightbearers you are called to be, and fulfill this main role you have as women.  Claim and use your voices, your wisdom, your balancing and tempering insights, your strength and your inherent feminine power that I gave you.  Though latent for many of you, it is within you and waiting to be developed through use.  Just as my daughters anciently fulfilled this role, and transformed the world, and in some cases, saved their people, so now it is your turn.  You must lean in to this most sacred of your gifts and calling as women.   Trust me that it is time for you to claim it and develop it.  Women of the Earth have been being prepared for this for the last 500 years.  Successive generations of women have fulfilled their parts to lay the foundation for this time so that you may fulfill yours.

Many of you have begun, by claiming your equality and partnership in marriage and your families, in your professional lives, in private and public spheres of service and action.  You have moved forward by speaking out and naming abuses, taking a stand against them, and developing the practical personal and collective power, including economic and political power, to challenge the abuses and misuses of power and ultimately to end them.  This will come as you keep moving forward, keep speaking out, and keep taking the inspired actions I will guide you to take, and keep connecting with me.

Seek out and connect with one another through gathering with other women who are similarly called and awakening.  Collectively, you will develop strength and courage.  Together, you will find healing and reclaim your voices and develop your fierce feminine mothers’ power.  Welcome all who are drawn to the circle with you.  Love and protect and serve each other.  Love and protect your bodies, and do not let others exploit you in any way.  Love and protect your children and all the children.  Love and protect our Mother Earth and do not let her or other life upon her be exploited or abused.     

Know that you my daughters must do this; this is yours to do, your job.  The insisting on the return of balance and genuine, real, substantive partnership, the return of me, my wisdom and my ways, must be insisted upon by you, my daughters.  You must decide and claim this.  It will strengthen and empower you to do it with others, yet each of you in your own hearts and minds and bodies, must also decide and claim it personally.

Some men understand this and are willing, even eager, partners in this great transformation and shift to restore the original blueprint of partnership and balance between women and men.  In general, the restoration of balance and equal partnership beyond the outward beginnings already in place will not be voluntarily given by men.  Many of the sons will not voluntarily give up the imbalance and their perceived benefits and privileges they have learned through generations of living in a world steeped in the imbalance, which they unconsciously presume as their right.

So this is your job, and one of the most fundamental and important of your roles to fulfill in the great arc of the cycle of life on your planet.  This is the role of a lightbearer, to bring to light the deeper and the higher truths, and the wisdom from discerning that which is hidden from outer view, and the women’s feminine power anchored in your womb space to bring it forth.  The calling of a lightbearer is one that only women can fulfill.  It cannot authentically be taken over by men, (though they may try) as other women’s gifts and roles have been in the past, because men do not have the spiritual and physical capacity to fulfill this role, just as men cannot physically carry a baby within themselves, and give birth.

This great transformation is what you as women are called collectively to birth. It is a high and sacred calling.  You who are here now are prepared and have the capacity within you to do so. 

This process begins for many, many of you with your own personal healing journey from the injuries and injustices, the wounds of your own life experiences.  Know that they can truly be healed, transformed and released.  This is the first step; if you have not begun, begin now.  The healers and teachers you need are here now.  They Desire to serve you with love; they have great gifts, resources, skills and talents, many of which have been given to them by me, to prepare them to serve at this time.  Seek them out.  I will help you find them.

Then as you move forward in your own healing and rebirth, you will be empowered and prepared to serve as a healing influence and conduit for your families and previous generations, and for your larger kin groups, communities and countries. It first must begin with you.

Remember to take this journey and do this work, which is the work of your Soul, with loving-kindness for yourself and all others, even in times of strong emotions.  It is love that will heal you, and it is love that will heal your loved ones, your Beloveds, your relationships, and be the source and the vehicle for the transformation that is beginning to be birthed.  Remember this and do all that you do from love and through love.

Remember that men are not your enemies or adversaries.  They are your brothers and peers, as my daughters are your sisters and peers.  They have played a role in the imbalance, in many cases promoted it, they have benefited from it, and in many cases, have been egregious perpetrators of the abuses and injuries; yet making men the enemies only perpetuates the injuries and separation from the balance and original blueprint of partnership it is now time to restore.  The men in your families, your spouses, and the men of the planet will be healed and transformed as you invite them into the healing transformational journey and process through your own healing and transformation.  Speak and interact with that of God within them, from your own grounded Divine Feminine inner core and Essence ~ my presence within you.  This is the secret to facilitating the transformation you Desire in your marriages and personal relationships.  Doing this with love, strength and courage is the essence of fulfilling your roles as lightbearers.           

To My Sons

Come home to me.  Come home to your hearts, that so many of you were cut off from early in your life through family patterning, cultural conditioning, violence and abuse, and the false teachings of generations before you; through the false teachings of religions and the state that use and exploit you for their own gain as much as they have used and exploited my daughters.  Come home to the joy and delight, the rest and peace, the fulfillment and full expression and right use of your co-creative power that only will come to you when you return to me, and return to the original blueprint of genuine, co-creative partnership between men and women, as true peers and equals.

This imbalance you have experienced for eons of life on your planet originated with the rejection of this partnership and the rejection of me, and the rejection of the partnership between the Divine Father and me.  The imbalance and false teachings were promoted to exploit and enslave you, to neutralize and steal your goodness, your heart-strength, your authentic masculine power, that when combined with the Feminine, has the power for creation of immense good, which was stolen and exploited for the selfish and greedy benefit of those who stole it.   The results have been devastation for so many of you and the Earth, in your personal lives, your health, your marriages and families, your work in the world, your governments and social systems, and the exploitation and abuse of the Earth herself.

You came to the Earth, just as my daughters did, to learn the right use of power. Within your own lives, that of your families and your family lines, all around you in the world, you will see the devastation that comes as a result of the misuse of power and the imbalance between the Masculine and Feminine, the imbalance between women and men.  Look within your own lives, your own hearts, your own marriages and families and communities to see the evidence.  The Earth and her people have suffered for eons from this imbalance, and the effects of the misuse of power.

It is time to learn these lessons, to see the effects in your lives and the world for what they are and time to make new choices, before the devastation becomes worse.  My daughters are awakening to this and beginning to name this destruction and devastation for what it is. They Desire to be in true and genuine partnership with you.  They Desire to become all they feel the Divine Spark within them to become, and to develop and use the full complement of their talents, skills and gifts.  They are reaching for it, and they are reaching for me, and finding me.  Increasingly, they are no longer willing to wait or to petition men to claim what is their own inherent birthright to own and develop, and to become.  My daughters, in larger and larger numbers, are moving forward reclaiming their own sovereignty of Soul, on the arc of life on the Earth.  My daughters have my full support in this. 

My daughters Desire to forgive the men of the Earth and the men in their lives, and to live in harmony, balance, real partnership, love and peace.  Just as anciently, in critical junctures and turning points, women stepped up with courage, wisdom, tempering insights, love and leadership to move forward, so women are doing today.  Listen to the women in your lives, and the women in the world.  They will lead you in the restoration of the balance and the partnership that is the crucial need and calling for this age on Earth. 

My sons, listen to the women, and take your Hero’s Journey ~ this time not an outward quest for attainment, accomplishment and acquisition of power, property and prestige, rather, your Hero’s inward Journey of returning to and healing your hearts.  This will return you to me.  The healing of your hearts is your collective and individual Soul Work, and the path through which the balance of genuine partnership between women and men will be returned, and the Earth herself will be healed.

A Warning

Anciently, it was understood that my return is necessary before the returning of the Son.  Does this not make sense to you?  The Son cannot come before the Mother.  This is the era in which you live, for the return and rebalancing of that which was rejected through the eons before.

Greater forces than most of you are aware of or recognize are involved in this era of life on your planet. Signs have foretold this time for eons, and continue to do so.  This big shift and the rebalancing and restoration of me, of the partnership between the Divine Father and myself, and the restoration and reestablishment of the blueprint for the original pattern of genuine, equal, freely chosen partnership between Feminine and Masculine has been foretold from the beginning.

This will come to fulfillment.  

Previous generations have anticipated your day with excitement.  They look to the daughters and sons on the earth now, and those coming in the near future, to bring it to fulfillment.  You are the ones, Beloveds, who were individually and collectively called and prepared to play your parts to bring it about.  It is time for each of you to discern and fulfill your sacred callings.


Mary of Magdala

You are known individually, deeply beloved and cherished.  You have been nurtured and prepared through countless ages for just this time.  You are more than you presently know, capable of more than you can presently imagine.  Reach for me, and you will find me.  I will be present with you.

Truly, I tell you not one sparrow is forgotten, the raven and the lily of the valley have the bounty of the Earth through me.  Every one of you is Beloved.  All have a share in the mercy of the Father, and all merit my protecting care.

(c) May 2018.  Debra Brown Gordy.  All Rights Reserved. 

Debra Brown Gordy, MS MRET is a Women’s Energy Psychology therapist & Spiritual Life Coach, & founder of The Sophia Women’s Institute. She specializes in inner child healing, relationship coaching & intimacy counseling, & divorce coaching for accomplished, spiritually-awakening women. She has advanced expertise in Energy Psychology methods, including Rapid Eye Technology & Soul Detective Healing.

Through unique Energy Therapy & Spiritual Life Coaching programs & Women’s Sacred Practices, she guides clients through the inner healing & transformation they need to achieve the outer results they Desire, & the soul-satisfying life they love.

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