Why Is The ONE Question so Transformative? A Deeper Look

Mature couple in love who asked the ONE Question and transformed their marriage

“Why is the One Question that Will Transform Your Life and Marriage so transformative?”  Sara asked.   Actually a lot of clients ask that, because on the surface, the One Question seems simple and straight-forward.

To answer, let me tell you a little more about the background of how it was given to me.  As I shared elsewhere, I was at the end of my second marriage, facing what I had to face, which was a second divorce, a divorce I deeply did not want at the time.

In meditation and prayer, I began to see that though the two situations and marriages were very different on the surface, there were in fact similarities between them.  As I began to open to seeing more about those similarities, the One Question was given to me in a thunderbolt of insight with a simultaneous deep Desire for answers.  That was when the profound spiritual connection occurred and the answers and guidance for finding solutions began flooding in.

The One Question is so transformative when we ask it from that place of deep Desire for answers and simultaneous openness to receiving them.  It is so transformative because the One Question bypasses the ego-mind, and our common defenses.  The One Question begins to connect us with the higher dimension where our life journeys are seen from a spiritual point of view.  From this higher plane we can begin to see our lives and marriages without the overlay of judgment and blame that is so common in this earthly experience.  Asking the One Question with a deep Desire for answers and simultaneous openness to receiving them, also begins the journey of discovering and ultimately healing the hidden root causes of the challenges in our lives.  And perhaps most crucially, the One Question connects us with the source and the power to actually transform them.

The One Question is so life-changing because it is truly transformational.

Transformation is something deeper, more lasting and permanent than change on the surface, change on the outside of your life or marriage.  Transformation is a change in state ~ a change in Being, a change in your essence, an inner change to your essential Self.   Transformation often involves a healing of some kind, an up-leveling as some call it.  Transformation is a word I often use synonymous with Soul Evolution. 

Transformation is an inner change in your Essential Self.

Principles and processes for transformation and Soul Evolution have always been taught in all authentic mystery schools.  They are at the heart of everything I do in The Sophia Women’s Institute.  I will have a lot more to share about these topics going forward.

The One Question is an entry-point into this process of Soul Evolution.  When we ask it the way I teach, we consciously step forward onto our Heroine’s Journey.

Have you asked it yet? 

Have you requested your copy of The ONE Question that Will Transform Your Life & Marriage?    Have you followed the audio where I guide you in asking the question for yourself?

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The One Question that Will Transform Your Life and Marriage

Ask the One Question, and begin your Heroine’s Journey to the deeply fulfilling life, soul-satisfying love in your marriage and the heightened contribution that is waiting for you  ~ the life and marriage that will make your heart sing with joy.   

Then reach out to learn how I can assist you in your Journey.

Debra Brown Gordy, MS MRET is a Women’s Energy Psychology therapist & Spiritual Life Coach, & founder of The Sophia Women’s Institute. She specializes in inner child healing, relationship coaching & intimacy counseling, & divorce coaching for accomplished, spiritually-awakening women. She has advanced expertise in Energy Psychology methods, including Rapid Eye Technology & Soul Detective Healing.

Through unique Energy Therapy & Spiritual Life Coaching programs & Women’s Sacred Practices, she guides clients through the inner healing & transformation they need to achieve the outer results they Desire, & the soul-satisfying life they love.

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