Living Water

Living Water waterfall in mountain pool

For years, I have been prompted to do this ~ by friends, by clients, by colleagues, by my family, especially my daughters and by God.  I have resisted, for so many reasons.

And still the promptings have come, in quiet moments when I have been receptive.  Most recently the promptings have come from a new yet eternally familiar and beloved source.  

Divine Mother wants me to share with you, what she has been teaching me.  She wants me to share her messages of love and freedom and personal empowerment with you, her daughters and my sisters.  She wants to speak to you in this way, and has been pressing me in the Spirit, growing stronger every time I feel her hand on my mine, her arm around my shoulders,  and her beautiful, loving face and eyes looking into mine, urging me to do this.

In meditation, she named this blog ~  Living Water.  These are impressions of Divine Mother's messages of love, freedom and personal empowerment to us, her daughters.

Women worldwide are gathering and rising
in a new era of women's empowerment and freedom

Women's Circles are forming around the globe for spiritual and personal growth and empowerment, to support women to honor their life stories by hearing them deeply, to empower women to claim their power as they claim their voices to tell their life stories, authentically and honestly.   Women are stepping into the path of Spiritual Entrepreneurship in record numbers, to take control of their economic destinies, and to harness the power of money to do good in the world. 

Women are forming and contributing to philanthropies, and gathering in united efforts for education, for freedom, self-determination and human rights in countries as diverse as India, Pakistan, Brazil, DR Congo, and the United States.      A fourteen year old Pakistani girl who peacefully stood up to the Taliban for her right to education, and survived their point blank assassination attempt, has been awarded  the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize. 

As I am writing this thousands of women are gathering locally and virtually to unite our faith and prayers, our fasting and intentions tomorrow, on what is Mother's Day in the US to bring the kidnapped school girls of Nigeria home.      

Whether we were there that day or not, when the Dalai Lama said at the 2009 Vancouver Peace Summitt   that the world will be saved by the western woman, it has resonated with us on a deep level and the women of the world are hearing and responding to the prophetic rallying cry of an aged Buddhist monk who seems to know our hearts. 

Closer to home in my own life, women in the church I belong to are doing something that would have been unimaginable even 10 years ago ~ they are unitedly peacefully gathering together, and proactively stating that they want to participate more fully and contribute more fully in the church they love.  They are requesting to do this through the organizational structure, and advocating for women's ordination to the male-only priesthood of this church.   

While the outward numbers in the vanguard company of these pioneering women may be relatively few in numbers, they represent thousands of us that share their concerns and support their efforts ~ thousands of us who want to share our gifts and talents more fully within the institutional and cultural structure of this church, to more fully balance the male-only hegemony and power structure of the institution with our women's gifts, our women's hearts and our mothers' presence, as genuinely fully participating equal partners.

All of these actions take conviction and courage to stand up and speak our truth, in many cases in spite of danger, and I feel Divine Mother is so proud of all of us!~

As I have witnessed these recent expressions of the newest wave of women's awakening and empowerment, and been called to play a part myself,  I have felt Mother's influence moving in my life.   She guided me 4 years ago to establish The Sophia Women's Institute, as a place of women's spiritual healing, growth and empowerment.   She continues to guide me in the specialty programs I develop and provide, the trainings  and speaking I do, and in all areas of the Institute's growth and establishment, and especially in the work that I do with clients.   

I seek her influence and guidance in all areas of my life and work.    Most fundamentally, I seek to know her, to have a living, growing relationship with her, to express her living presence in all areas of my life, in all my relationships, in all that I do.   As the women of the church I belong to have sought ordination to the men's priesthood, as much as I share their concerns and want similar significant transformative changes in the institutional structure and culture, I have felt consistently that the "power" we need is not men's power.

Claiming our Ruby Slippers

The power we need is Mother's power.   She spoke to me through the words of a beloved children's story.   At the end of The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy asks Glinda to assist her to go home.  

Oh, will you help me?  Can you help me?

You don't need to be helped any longer.
You've always had the power . . .

I have?

Then why didn't you tell her before?

Because she wouldn't have believed me. She
had to learn it for herself.

She whispered to me that we also, already have the power ~ the ruby slippers are already on our feet.   We have always had this power.  We have become disconnected from it through millennia of patriarchal cultural conditioning, and through being saturated in male patriarchal, male-defined values and norms.  We have needed the experiences we have had as women individually and collectively in order to grow through the male cultural lens, just as Dorothy needed the preparation to discover her power through vanquishing the wicked witch of the west. 

She has whispered to me the power we need is Mother's power and it cannot be given by men, because it is not theirs, and therefore not theirs to give.   It is already innately within us, latent for most of us, most of the time, manifesting in rare moments of Mother Bear protectiveness, such as the world wide global uniting of women to marshal the collective women's spiritual power to protect and preserve and return the Nigerian school girls out of danger and bondage.

Divine Mother has been whispering to me, and urging me to share with you that the time is now for us as women to awaken to her power within us,  to awaken to our own feminine spiritual power ~ to seek it, to develop it, and to draw upon the living water of her power within us to heal and transform the world, for we are the ones we have been waiting for.

We each have come to the kingdom for such as time as this.  

Do you want to claim your own ruby slippers, so you can create the greater joy, peace, love fulfillment and contribution that will make your heart sing?  Contact me today about helping you transform your life.

Debra Brown Gordy, MS MRET is a Women’s Energy Psychology therapist & Spiritual Life Coach, & founder of The Sophia Women’s Institute. She specializes in inner child healing, relationship coaching & intimacy counseling, & divorce coaching for accomplished, spiritually-awakening women. She has advanced expertise in Energy Psychology methods, including Rapid Eye Technology & Soul Detective Healing.

Through unique Energy Therapy & Spiritual Life Coaching programs & Women’s Sacred Practices, she guides clients through the inner healing & transformation they need to achieve the outer results they Desire, & the soul-satisfying life they love.

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