Are you an Accomplished Mormon woman who hungers for more Peace, Love or Personal Fulfillment?

LDS woman searching for healing from trauma, more love, understanding, equal partnership and sexual pleasure in her marriage, and resolution of troubling questions and issues about the LDS church.

Do you yearn for real joy that is beyond your outward success ~ a satisfaction and flowering of your heart and soul, that has escaped you so far in your life, even with all your outward accomplishments?

Does your woman’s heart yearn to have a closer, emotional and spiritual connection and deeper partnership with your husband ~ the love of your life?  Do you hunger to be free of the guilt you feel about your sexual relationship, and want an easier, freer, more satisfying and fulfilling,  joyful intimacy? 

Do you yearn for a connection with Divine Mother ~ to not just know about her, but to know Her, and does this somehow feel like a searching for re-connection with what is deepest and most true about yourself?

Are you troubled by practices, policies, teachings, or the history of the church?

Do you feel the church you have given so much of your life to, has betrayed or harmed you or those you love?  Have your experiences and the things you have discovered about the church sent you into a faith crisis and faith transition ~ a tail-spin of emotions and questions, searching, doubts, fears, and anger, yearning for a safe place to land, to process what you have learned and experienced ~ a safe place to heal?

If You Are Like Countless Mormon Women, You DO . . .

Welcome to the circle of Accomplished spiritually-searching LDS women Within the Larger Circle of the Sophia Women's Institute.

I'm Debra, and I've been where you are.  Through my own journey as an LDS woman, therapist and LDS life coach, I understand what it's like to want greater personal joy and fulfillment, freedom and peace.  I understand what it's like to be a divorced woman in the Mormon church.  I was divorced in the past (twice!), and have now been happily remarried for over 24 years.  I understand the journey of healing, as I've healed from trauma, including religious trauma and ecclesiastical abuse I experienced in the culture and institution of the church.  I've asked tough questions, discovered troubling history, teachings, policies and practices of the church, along my spiritual journey and faith transition.  I too, have yearned for a connection with Divine Mother, and simultaneously searched for a deeper experience and authentic embodiment of my True Self as a divine being. 

I've found what I searched for, and have helped countless other Mormon women find healing, peace, fulfillment, joy, soul-satisfying love, and a connection with Divine Mother that fills the longing of their women's hearts.

You Can Find The Answers, Solutions, Healing and Peace You Seek With LDS Life Coaching and Energy Psychology

In specialized LDS life coaching and Energy Psychology healing programs and events for Mormon women, you will find a safe personal oasis, solutions and the secrets to releasing the inner, private pain in your personal life or marriage, that keep you from the deepened fulfillment, happiness, joy, freedom, and full expression of your Divine Self,  that your heart intuitively seeks and deeply Desires. 

In this growing community and "circle within the larger circle" of the Institute, you can find sisterhood and understanding with other accomplished, spiritually-searching LDS women who are going through faith transitions and seeking more in their lives and marriages, answers and healing for experiences of abuse and trauma including religious trauma and ecclesiastical abuse, and a rediscovery and re-connection with Divine Mother and your Self that will be both new and as familiar and timeless as eternity ~

Does this speak to your heart?

Spiritually-searching LDS women in the perfect place ...


Explore the specialized programs and events I offer, some of them LDS life coaching programs exclusively for Mormon women.  Request your copy of my free resource,  "The ONE Question that Will Transform Your Life & Marriage."  Connect through joining my email circle and The Sophia Women’s Circle. 

Request your complimentary 15 minute Connecting Call, to explore how I can help you heal and transform your life, create the soul-satisfying, juicy love in your marriage you hunger for, and how all of this is part of your own unique Journey to become the heroine you were born to be. 

Now is the time of spiritually-searching LDS women. 

Through our Heroine's Journeys, we are transforming our lives and marriages, healing our families, changing the world, and transforming the church.   You and your unique life experiences, knowledge and insights, challenges, gifts, talents and legacy that only you can leave, are here now, for just this time in history. 

Time is the only non-renewable resource we have.  If this speaks to your heart, I invite you to contact me today.

Love & Blessings, & Living Water for Your Woman's Soul,

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2019- 2020
President-Elect of
The Mormon Mental Health Association.

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