You're an Ambitious, Accomplished,
Successful Professional Woman.

You studied and mentored with the best; you've worked hard and taken action.  It's paid off ~ your business or career is thriving.

And yet ... May I ask you something woman to woman, heart to heart?

Unfulfilled woman wanting to transform her life

Do you relate to these challenges other professional women face?

  • Frustration and "stuckness." Despite your intelligence, hard work and accomplishments in professional areas, you have a deep desire you haven't been able to fill in your personal life.

  • Loneliness and isolation. You have invested so much time, energy and focus in your career, that your personal relationships are strained or maybe few and far between.

  • Disconnection. You feel distant from your spouse.

  • Fear, vulnerability, overwhelm or sadness that you keep hidden from others.

  • Difficulty maintaining life balance between all parts of your life, including your career, your marriage or other relationships, and your personal well-being.

  • Difficulty with boundaries that would help you maintain the balance you need so you can thrive in all areas of your life.

Many Women Achieve Either a Thriving Career or a Fulfilling Life.

A thriving career is a wonderful accomplishment.  You may feel grateful to be making a difference for so many while enjoying financial freedom, options, peace of mind and a lifestyle others may envy...

Yet does your thriving career fulfill your woman’s deepest desires ~ the Desires of your heart?

I have noticed a lot of spiritually awakening women leaders have many accomplishments and successes in their professional lives, yet still privately hunger for the fulfillment that will make their women’s hearts sing.  When they open up to me and share their heart’s Desires and the inner experiences of their lives, I hear repeating themes over and over, like these:

  • In quiet moments they admit they are not as personally fulfilled as they thought they would be at this point in their careers.

  • Sometimes feeling like a fraud, because their personal lives are not commensurate with their professional success.

  • Painful childhood experiences, sometimes called Adverse Childhood Experiences or ACES. Even with all they know and all they have accomplished, they often confide they feel like an inner part of them is a child still hurting from their childhood hurts, fears or insecurities.

  • Traumatic memories from past experiences and relationships that they just can’t lay to rest, no matter how hard they try. These memories and experiences may impact their marriages, current relationships and conversations, bringing a pall of fear, cautiousness, or hesitance to new opportunities and relationships. As a result, they hide their real selves, and miss opportunities to experience deeper love in their marriages, and miss out on opportunities to live more joyfully and fully. Privately can feel easily hurt by others.

  • Hidden money fears, no matter what their income or level of financial success.

  • Wounds to their feminine Self. For example, they may believe that to succeed, they must do things a "man's way", fear their woman's body is unlovable, or feel undeserving of experiencing pleasure as a woman.

  • In their heart of hearts, they often feel cheated.  They followed the path of success shown to them, only to find an inward emptiness and longing for more ... They may feel like screaming for something different, but what?

You don't have to stay in this place of personal restlessness, unfullfillment, disappointment and lack of joy.  Your personal deep Desires are a Divine gift, guiding you on your Soul's journey and they are meant to be fulfilled.  With the help of an energy psychology therapist and spiritual life coach, you can create more personal joy and fulfillment and realize more of your deep Desires ~ the Desires that will make your woman's heart sing with joy.

Lisa found peace, happiness & a fulfilling new career

You Can Heal your Inner child from Adverse Childhood experiences and Flourish in Your Life AND Your Profession, With Energy Therapy and Spiritual Life Coaching for Women.

Freeing the Heroine Within is my flagship Energy Therapy and Spiritual Life Coaching program for successful, accomplished professional women who feel a soul-hunger for something more.  If you feel stuck, restless or unfulfilled, your Soul is signalling to you that it's time for a significant step forward ~ a personal up-leveling.  It's time to listen to your heart and follow your deep Desire.

Freeing the Heroine Within contains the seven step path to realizing your next dream;  the dream that requires you to take your own Heroine's Journey.   As I guide you through this women’s Energy Psychology and Spiritual Life Coaching program, you will discover the pathway to:

  • Get out of feeling stuck and frustrated, and start moving forward again in your personal life or marriage.

  • Create personal relationships that are fulfilling and close. Reconnect and reignite emotional closeness with your spouse.

  • Release and heal painful feelings of anger, fear, vulnerability overwhelm, sadness, self-doubt, and the myriad other emotional wounds from the adverse experiences you had as a child, that weigh you down, keeping you from feeling truly joyous, fulfilled and vibrantly, radiantly alive. Heal those nagging painful memories of your hurt inner child that you haven't been able to lay to rest.

  • Learn to hold appropriate boundaries without guilt so you can balance your many responsibilities and roles, including your personal well-being, and thriving relationships.Heal the wounds to your feminine identity and strengthen your connection with your Essential Feminine Core Self.

  • Find and heal the emotional or spiritual wounds, injuries, limitations and more ~ the hidden or not-so-hidden obstacles ~ to realizing the dream your heart and Soul deeply Desires.

  • Call forth and birth your greatness, your brilliance and genius, that is waiting for you on the other side of your Heroine's Journey.

  • Rediscover the real path ~ the time-honored Feminine Path ~ to soul deep flourishing and thriving as well as fulfilling your heart's Desires as a woman.

Beyond conventional counseling or holistic life coaching, the women’s Energy Psychology and Spiritual Life Coaching and sacred practices included in Freeing the Heroine Within will empower you to go beyond previous limitations that held you back from the expanded personal fulfillment that you seek now.

Helene healed family problems & birthed her new heart's Desire

Why Heal your Inner Child with Energy Psychology and Spiritual Life Coaching? Why now?

Simply put, to transform your life and live your dreams, and fulfill your soul purpose in the highest way, you must heal your past.

You must heal your Inner Child so you can fully thrive as the accomplished adult woman you are now.

I know what it is like to feel trapped in a private hunger for fulfillment.  I remember what it was like to so want to break FREE! and claim my own deeper happiness.  Yet time and time again, I found myself being pulled back into the mire. While I didn’t know it at the time; what I needed inner child healing.

I remember what it was like to have many professional successes and accomplishments, and yet feel personally unfulfilled.  I had completed my Master’s degree from one of the top three Marriage and Family Therapy programs in the US, published my original thesis research in a top peer-reviewed journal, and quickly established a successful private practice; yet I was missing the love in my personal life that would make my heart sing as a woman, having been divorced while in grad school.  

In addition to my professional success, I knew I deserved personal fulfillment and joy too! And I knew there was so much more I could do for my two beautiful young daughters and for the world, if only I could get out of that private inner struggle and self-doubt.

Thankfully, that was a long time ago, and I am grateful that that time is now behind me.  Over 24 years ago, I met and married my Beloved, (after a second divorce and after I was well past 30.)  We’ve been happily married for over 24 years, and our marriage gets richer and deeper and more fulfilling every passing year. 

The love and joy I sought began with a life-changing commitment to become the heroine in my own life.

And so I began a journey ~ my Heroine's Journey to find and heal what was keeping me from my dream of the loving marriage I so deeply wanted. I discovered these things were buried in my past, and I thought I had dealt with them years before through conventional therapy. I learned more is needed for healing the inner child and being freed from the pain and wounds of the past than conventional talk therapy alone.   I was led to the means for this deeper, more complete healing through Energy Therapy and Spiritual Life Coaching. I learned how to break free from my own inner child’s struggle and limitations, AND how to guide other women to do the same for themselves.  

Freeing the Heroine Within contains the heart of the 7-step pathway out.  It guides you through your Heroine’s Journey to heal your inner child, and contains the essential steps to feed the personal hunger you feel for deeper fulfillment, and to claim your birthright for your own deeply joyful life ~ now. 

Quite simply, I have created this program because it is time for you to heal your inner child, and be freed from the pain of your past so you can fulfill your personal dreams.

Yvonne healed from her divorce & married her Beloved.

You May Have Questions ...

"Is this program only about marriage?" 
No.  My own heart's deep Desire years ago was to become happily remarried after two divorces.  I have worked with women whose hearts' Desires were to change careers, or launch a children's non-profit, or start a transformational writing and book publishing business. 

I have also worked with women whose Soul hunger was to revive the love and emotional closeness in their marriages, others who deeply wanted to have a baby and others who have been on a journey of healing from abuse and trauma,  including religious trauma and generational patterns of abuse.

Some feel a compelling drive toward spiritual transformation and growth, seeking greater direct connection with the Divine, while others are in a faith transition moving beyond the religions and churches of their pasts.

The nature of a woman's Soul hunger is unique to each woman.   Through Freeing the Heroine Within, I will help you take your own unique Heroine's Journey toward the fulfillment of your Soul's unique deep Desire.

"I feel a deep restlessness and dissatisfaction in my life. Others have told me I'm in a mid-life crisis, but it feels like something more to me.  Sometimes I feel like I'm screaming inside, it's so intense.  But I don't know what it is that I want instead - I don't know what my heart's desire is.  Can you help someone like me?"
Many woman who work with me feel similarly when they start.  You are not alone.  

As we work together, you can experience increasing freedom from the restlessness and discontent deep in your Soul.  You can feel the excitement from regaining forward movement in your life, resolving the restlessness and so called "mid-life crisis" along the way.

Most importantly, you can find clarity about your heart's deep Desire.

“What is Energy Therapy, and how will it help me?”
Energy Therapy or Energy Psychology as it is also termed, is a broad family of approaches to deep, whole-person healing that is based on the fact that we are whole beings ~ including our spirits, minds, and bodies ~ as well as our physical and subtle energy systems.

Though Energy Therapy is a modern term, the basis of it goes back thousands of years. Recognizing and accessing subtle energy is the foundation of martial arts, acupuncture, feng shui, healing touch and other means for working with subtle energies. Through working at the subtle energy level, we can access where the inner hurts, wounds, stuck points, and hurtful subliminal messaging has become frozen within you. Then through Energy Therapy, we can resolve, release and heal the injuries and create a new inner foundation within you for the flourishing, thriving life and marriage you Desire now as the accomplished woman you are.

To learn more about Energy Therapy, please read this blog post: What is Energy Psychology? An Introduction to the Science Behind the Magic of Lasting Transformation.

"I've heard Spiritual Life Coaching involves chanting and incense and things like that.  What is spiritual about this program?" 
No chanting or incense.  The biggest distinction between this program's spiritual life coaching and holistic life coaching or conventional therapy or counseling, is that I work with a client's entire Being. 

After participating in counseling, trauma treatment or conventional coaching, many women still feel stuck in some way.  Spiritual Life Coaching for women accesses the power of the spiritual and intuitive levels of  Being and teaches women how to consciously work with the Universal Laws of Life.  This empowers us to find and resolve the hidden reasons keeping women stuck in the status quo of their lives.

Conventional counseling and holistic life coaching usually include scheduling appointments one at a time, or sometimes in packages of appointments.  Freeing the Heroine Within is a complete program, including your sessions with me PLUS additional resources, including personalized self-care tools and processes that can guide you along your own Heroine's Journey to the personal up-leveling that your heart and Soul are calling you toward.

You can find increased joy, lightness, love, happiness and peace along the path to healing your inner child and the fulfillment of your heart's Desires.  

Working with the spiritual & intuitive levels is the secret to realized your heart's Desire.

"Is this religion, or do you advocate and promote any particular or specific church?"
No, Spiritual Life Coaching for women and Freeing the Heroine Within are not a religion, and do not promote or teach the beliefs of any church.  Religion and churches are systems of doctrine and organizations that advocate those systems.  They often have the effect of standing between a person and the Divine. 

Women’s Energy Psychology and Spiritual Life Coaching empowers clients to access their own direct connection with the Divine, and to directly access the power of the spiritual level of Being to realize their hearts' Desires.

Some Things I Know for Sure

the Cost of Waiting is High. 

Waiting to say yes to healing your inner child from the adverse experiences of your past, and to the urging of your Soul, and the fulfillment of your Heart's Desires have high costs.  Among them:

  • Continuing to go around and around in the same patterns and cycles of struggle and pain and problems.

  • Depression, living your life without joy, without feeling like you ever really fully lived.

  • Not living up to your full potential.

  • Regret about not doing that Great Thing that only you can do, or not leaving the legacy that only you can leave.

  • Failing other people. Disappointment in yourself about not serving all the people whose lives you promised to transform through your gifts.

Time is the only non-renewable resource we have.  Every passing day is a day that you will never have again to heal your past, transform your life, fulfill your Heart's deep Desires and leave your legacy ~ to become the heroine you were born to be. 

Lasting Transformation Is Possible.

The 7-step Feminine Path of Freeing the Heroine Within was given to me as a Divine Gift.  This Gift has empowered me to realize the fulfillment of my heart's deep Desires, and continues to do so.  This gift was also given to me to be the path and container for filling the Soul hunger that other women seek to fill. 

Quite simply, I have created this program, because the time is now for accomplished spiritually awakening women to take this pathway of inner child healing to fulfilling the personal hunger you feel for deeper fulfillment ~ for your own deeply joyful life ~ in short, to fulfill your personal dreams on a par with your professional success. 

It is time to claim your birthright for personal fulfillment and joy.  You, your family, your career and the world needs who you will become and what you can do, on the other side of this personal up-leveling.

Personal up-leveling through inner child work is the crucial turning point in your Heroine’s Journey ~ to the fulfillment of your heart’s deep Desires for a joyful life, and ultimately the fulfillment of your Destiny Path Life Purpose ~ that only YOU can fulfill.

I learned years ago, there comes a time when taking our Heroine's Journey of personal transformation through inner child healing is the only way to achieve the deep love and personal fulfillment our Souls crave; and the only way to fulfill our highest Destiny Path and Purpose ~ whether in life or business.  

There is something extremely important that taking this journey will prepare you to do ~  that only you can do ~ waiting for you on the other side.   

Your highest and deepest fulfillment and joy is intimately connected with you doing so.

Does This Speak to Your Heart?

Pause ... tune in to your Self and your woman's deep Inner Knowing ...

If what you have read here speaks to your heart and resonates with your deepest Desires, and you feel a woman's inner recognition of truth ~ if you are ready to break free of the deep, insistent restlessness and dissatisfaction you feel and create the joyful and fulfilling life your Soul hungers for now ~ if you sense there is something more for you to do, to become and to give ~ I invite you to request a complimentary 15 minute connecting call.  

Let's talk and see if we're a fit for helping you heal your inner child so you can create the personal fulfillment you deeply Desire ~ the life that will make your woman's heart sing with joy. 

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Are Unhealed Childhood Trauma or Adverse Childhood Experiences Blocking You
from Fully Thriving in Life?

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Lisa's Story

Prior to starting with me, Lisa* felt STUCK in big ways in her life.  She laughingly said she had been in mid-life crisis mode for ten years! 

She had been doing things to make improvements, so she could have more love and connection with her husband, peace with her family, personal fulfillment, and a career with more income potential, meaning and fulfillment.  In fact Lisa had put her considerable knowledge, talents, skills and effort into creating a more fulfilling life.  She had been in conventional counseling, holistic life coaching, gone through specific trauma treatment and had tried business and executive coaching.  Yet Lisa still felt stuck. 

Lisa wanted peace.   She wanted love, emotional connection, and enjoyment with her husband and family.   She wanted a meaningful career that drew upon her talents and interests.  Mostly, Lisa wanted out of the repeating patterns of struggle she felt trapped in.

And frankly, she wanted all of this now!..        READ MORE.

Helene's Story

Helene* was a rancher in her early 50’s when she called me.   She was running a multi-million-dollar per year operation through family necessity.  In her heart, Helene was a musician.  She gave up her heart's Desire and a very promising career as a singer when her father demanded that she come and help on the ranch.  As the oldest of only girls in her family, it was always her job to step in and help her parents and her sisters. 

She was really good at it.  Helene cared about her family, her land, her animals and her employees and they were thriving.  Helene however, felt like she was dying inside.  She was in a deep mid-life crisis, and her body was telling her in increasingly loud ways that some things needed to change...  

READ MORE to discover how Helene's life changed.

Yvonne's Story, Part I

Yvonne* was coping with life transitions, and going through a difficult divorce when she began working with me.   In addition to healing and moving through the transitions in her life from her divorce, Yvonne also felt restless and dissatisfied with her professional life.  She Desired a career that would pay well while supporting her to have freedom with her schedule as a busy divorced mother.  And she also Desired a career that would make a difference for others, but she wasn't clear about what that was.

KEEP READING to learn how Yvonne got the clarity she wanted, and is now making a difference for other women.