Helping Accomplished Women
Heal & Transform Their Lives   Create Soul-satisfying Love   Fulfill Their Destinies


Are you an accomplished woman who feels an insistent restlessness or deep discontent and who hungers for more love, joy and personal fulfillment?

 Do  you crave more joie de vivre, love & fulfillment? 

In quiet moments do you sense there is something more for you to do ~ someone bigger for you to become ~ and something unique for you to give ~ and that somehow all of these are connected?

Do you feel an urgency and passion deep inside, as if in some other time and place you made agreements that your Soul won't let you forget?

Welcome to The Sophia Women's Institute

I empower women like you to discover and manifest the increased joy, love, fulfillment and contribution that is latent within you and waiting to be birthed.  My unique spiritual healing and coaching programs are specifically and lovingly created to meet your needs as an accomplished spiritually awakening woman, and include:

  • One-of-a-kind specialized individual and couple programs
  • Virtual and in-person classes, workshops, and seminars
  • Women’s Gatherings

You can be guided, supported, inspired, empowered and transformed in our spiritual coaching programs.  You will learn the Timeless Wisdom, skills and resources needed to spread your wings and soar to a deepened and expanded level of flourishing in your personal life and marriage, and toward the fulfillment of your destiny ~ and the joy that will make your woman’s heart sing. 

 There comes a season when it's time to heed the insistent calling of our Souls. 

From my own life Journey and from working as a therapist and spiritual empowerment mentor with awakening women for over thirty years, I’ve learned there comes a season in our earthly Journey when it’s time to say yes to the insistent calling of our Souls. 

This calling from within us will not let us rest until we become a fuller expression of who we really are, our True Selves.  This inner calling will not let us rest until we create the Sacred Partnerships our Feminine hearts’ Desire.  This calling of our Souls will not let us rest until we have given the world the gifts that our lives’ Journeys have been uniquely preparing us to give. 

If this resonates with you and you feel an inner recognition, listen to the calling of your Soul telling you it is your time.  It is your time to heal and transform your life, time to respond to the awakening of your Feminine Heart, time to create the Sacred Partnership with your Beloved you have hungered for, and time to fulfill your destiny as a woman ~ as only you can.


Does this Speak to Your Heart?

Then you are a spiritually awakening woman in the perfect place ~


You are a Woman Whose Time has Come



Spiritual Life Coaching to Heal & Transform Your Life


  to Heal & Transform Your Life

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Spiritual Relationship Coaching to Transform Your Marriage

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