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17 Aug 2015 The 8 Secrets Every Accomplished Woman MUST Know

You're smart and successful, and yet... your heart hungers for more deep fulfillment and lasting love.  You have a LOT to be thankful for (and you are!), yet you feel restless and discontented.  

In this article you will learn the secrets to finally resolving the discontent you feel, and creating the fulfillment and lasting love your woman's heart craves - for good.


5 Apr 2015 On Rebirth & Renewal


This article is the second of two about the spiritual power that is the source of our ability to change, to grow, to heal and to transform our lives and our marriages, and ultimately, the source of our ability to fulfill our destinies.  

The Resurrection is more than something that happens sometime in the future ~ the physical reuniting of our bodies with our spirits.  The Resurrection is also being raised up in this Earth life. 

Jesus descended to Earth, he condescended to live a mortal life, to get in the game of mortality, to be all in, and live among us, to experience the messiness, the pain, the sorrow, the physical challenges and limitations, temptations, sorrows, heartaches, as well as the joys, the sweetness, the triumphs, the growth and the love, to walk and love and serve and experience mortality among us in full humanity, so that he can raise us up, not only in the physical Resurrection sometime, somewhere out there and then, but also here and now, in the midst of our own mortal lives. 

Because of his life, his Atonement and his Resurrection, we can be renewed and reborn to newness of life spiritually and emotionally here and now.

28 Mar 2015 Reflections on the Atonement


The power to change, to grow and to heal, to transform our lives, to create the loving marriages we deeply desire and to fulfill our unique destinies is grounded in spiritual power.  

This article, from a talk I gave in church two years ago on Easter, shares my reflections on the source of that power ~ the Atonement of Jesus Christ.   

In it I share my thoughts about the gift and meaning of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, for all of us.   While I speak from my point of view as an LDS woman, I believe these reflections  speak to the needs and yearnings of every one of us, and are universal just as the Atonement itself is universal.    

May these reflections  bring you joy and gladness and hope this Easter season and always!

23 Feb 2015 The High Cost of Waiting


Want to know what dreams others have achieved with Debra's help?  This is Lisa's true story about the transformations that came in her life, as a result of working with Debra.    
7 Feb 2015 Are Talk & Insight Enough to Manifest Your Dreams?


Is talking about our dreams, and gaining insight about them enough to realize them?    Is talk therapy, which includes a lot of developing insight about ourselves, our marriages, and how we came to be where we are in our lives enough to fundamentally change the course of our lives and marriages?  

Is talk and insight enough to realize our dreams? 

Is changing our “mindset” as coaches in the conventional life and business coaching world emphasize enough to realize our dreams?

Surely, taking action by learning and using new skills is part of manifesting our dreams, you might say. 

While talk, insight, changing your mindset and learning and using new skills are good things, and have their place, I will tell you a truth in this article that others will not say. 

Talk, insight, changing your mindset and learning and using new skills are NOT enough to raise ourselves up to a fundamental new level of love, fulfillment and joy in our personal lives or marriages.   And they never will be. 

So then, what does it take to realize your dreams? 

Read this article to find out.


31 Jan 2015 THE One Question That Will Transform Your Life & Marriage

What if there was one question that acted like a magic key to open the pathway to the love and deep fulfillment you desire?  What if you could begin your Heroine's Journey to attaining them by asking this question?

THERE IS!  Over twenty-five years ago, I was led to this question, and asked it for myself.  It literally opened the Heavens on my behalf.   

You too, can ask this question.   Learn what it is, and ask it the way I teach you here.  You too, can begin your Heroine's Journey to love and deep fulfillment, and you can do it today.

Read this article to learn and ask the magic question for yourself.  

25 Jan 2015 There Once Was a Woman ~
Do you believe living Happily Ever After can really happen - for you?    I do!  This true story tells you why.
4 Aug 2014 Is It REALLY Possible to Live Happily Ever After?


  As I have been been considering what to share this year for the anniversary edition of Flourish! this is still my deepest, heartfel insights, and the gift I would share with you. 

As I look back on twenty years of being happily married to my Beloved, these are the lessons Divine Mother taught me about  creating lasting love in marriage.  

So in celebration of our twentieth anniversary last month, I share with you the secret of the Power of Awakening Love, and HOW to engage the Crucible of Marriage, which I shared with you in the fifth secret to creating Soul Satisfying Love.

You will get a glimpse of what the pathway looks like as you engage the crucible of your marriage, and how this moves you out of the cycle of pain that many couples fall into in their early years.  You will also learn the secret to finally finding the fullfillment your hidden inner child has been seeking since the early days of your relationship with your spouse.


29 Mar 2014 Why Successful Women Entrepreneurs Often Struggle to Create Greater Income ...

Many spiritually awakening women are embarking on the path of Spiritual Entrepreneurship.      This article teaches you  how to signigificantly increase both your impact AND your income, by embracing and following the 5 step Divine Feminine Path of Spiritual Entrepeneurship.

5 Mar 2013 Beyond Belief . . . Breakthrough & You

Are you tired of trying to change your thoughts to create the changes you want in your life, marriage or business?   Wonder why sometimes it seems that changing your "mindset" works, and many times it doesn't?  This article takes you beyond mindset and belief breakthrough to the revelation of the Iceberg Effect, and how this holds the secret to the lasting results you are seeking in any area of your life.

19 Jan 2013 The First Little-known Secret to Achieving Your Dreams

Are you a woman on a mission?  Is this your year for achieving your dreams?   In this article I share the first little-known step for making your dreams a reality.

At the end, there is an exercise that if you will complete it, will be a powerful tool to move you forward, and guide you in aligning your actions with your dreams toward their accomplishment.  Go girl!  It is Your Year to Shine!


1 Dec 2012 The Number One Secret to Soul-satisfying Love

Do you know the number one secret to the mystery of attraction and soul-satisfying love?   Learn the answer, captured in the wisdom of a song.

27 Oct 2012 On Purpose, Committment, No Regrets

Twice a year I gather with a group of other like-minded people from around the world.  Global leaders in this organization share messages of hope, inspiration and instruction to guide and inspire listeners.  These gatherings are two of my favorite seasons of the year, and I always feel so filled at the end of the two days, because I feel reconnected with timeless eternal truths, and personally guided in my own life, in my family and even in my business. Though I have only personally met two of the speakers, I feel personally instructed and inspired by many others as well. 

These are my thoughts from the latest gathering.

3 Oct 2012 Five Secrets for Creating Lasting Love in Your Marriage:

If you have been reading the Flourish e-newsletter, you now know the first four secrets to lasting love that I have shared with you over the last few weeks.   There is still one remaining secret that is the most important one of all.

This last secret of The 5 Secrets to Creating Lasting Love in Your Marriage, bring the other four secrets together in a very special container.  This container holds the “alchemical fire” that heals and transforms your marriage over time – transforming your marriage from ordinary to extraordinary, from struggling or good to great - and from mundane to sacred.  

Without this container, the magic in your marriage would not develop, because the other four secrets would not combine in the same way to result in this alchemical process and outcome – your marriage of lasting love and sacred power.

The secrets that you have been learning about these last few weeks are the “secret sauce” of a flourishing, happy, marriage, filled over with lasting love.  I know this from my own personal experience and that of the many thousands of clients I have taught, and guided along their personalized pathway to their own sacred marriage.

Yours can be the next.  Lasting love in sacred marriage can be yours, when you harness the spiritual power of this special container, the most important secret of all.

16 Jul 2008 How NOT to Create the Marriage of Your Dreams in Seven Easy Lessons

This article is excerpted and condensed from the March 08 issue of Creating Joy!.  Here you will discover the NUMBER ONE pitfall to happiness in marriage, and why this pitfall is such a problem.    

25 Apr 2008 Introduction to Energy Psychology ~

As part of Transformational Psychotherapy and Coaching™, I incorporate methodologies that have exciting and profound emotional and relationship benefits and are in process of being researched by the academic community.  Together these methods are termed Energy Psychology.  This article gives a succinct overview of them, and how I incorporate Energy Psychology in my practice.

17 Apr 2008 Rapid Eye Technology ~

For those who want to know more about the "how" of Transformational Psychotherapy and Coaching™, I have included this reprint from The Transformational Times , May 2005.  In this article I teach you more about the features and benefits of Rapid Eye Technology.  I compare RET to other healing methods that use eye movement, and discuss why I whole-heartedly embrace RET as the pre-emininent healing method that it is, and incorporate it into Transformational Psychotherapy and Coaching™.

17 Apr 2008 Fulfilling Your Hearts' Desires

This article, first published in The Transformational Times, in Feb. 2005, (the earlier version of my e-newsletter), discusses the impact of early childhood and birth experiences as the source of many of the hidden reasons for your most difficult problems, and persistent patterns of struggle in your life, your marriage or any other area of your life, and introduces you to Rapid Eye Technology, which is a healing method used in The Sophia Method of Spiritual Energetic Healing™.  

My flaghisp women's program, Freeing the Heroine Within You to Flourish! incorporates this powerful healing method, to assist clients to finally be free of their underlying limiting patterns, so they can achieve their dreams ... in the real world. 

10 Apr 2008 Are You Attracting Frogs not Princes?

This is a condensed version of an article that first appeared in Creating Joy! in January 2008.  You will learn about two Universal Laws  - the Creative Power of your Thoughts and The Law of the Harvest - which underly how we co-create our experiences.  You will also learn an AWESOME Transformational Self-care Process, for assisting you in harnessing the power of your thoughts to attract your prince into your life!

4 Oct 2007 Gemstones: Radiant Spheres of Healing Energy

This short article introduces you to the benefits of Gemisphere gemstones to assist you to heal on all levels of your being ~ spirit, mind and body.  There are Gemisphere gemstones to assist you to transform your relationships, your wellness, and even to assist you in creating financial abundance! 

I have personally used them for years with fabulous results and recommend them to all my clients and students!

28 Jun 2007 Patience and Self-Mastery

Some ask how faith in God fits into the bigger picture of Transformational growth, and Self-realization.  All readers who are very familiar at all with my work, and certainly those who work with me personally know that I credit  God as the Creator and Author of all possibility to change, and that we gain access to His gift of change through faith in Jesus Christ.  

This article is a copy of a recent talk I gave in a regular Sunday service of the church I belong to; thus the languaging may be a bit unfamiliar to those not of this faith.  I share it to give you a deeper understanding from a Scriptural viewpoint of the journey toward Perfection and growth into recieving the Fullness of God.  Debra 

27 Jun 2007 Does Everyone Really Create Their Own Reality?

This article is an insightful, compassionate consideration of the Law of Attraction, within a larger spiritual framework.  While I don't personally subscribe to everything the author says, I do believe his thoughts are deeper than many on the subject and worthy of thoughtful consideration.    Debra


14 Feb 2007 Eight Wonderful Gifts for Your Valentine that Don't Cost a Cent

This short article gives you eight easy, meaningful and non-material ways to show your loved ones how much you care.  Print it out and use something from this list often as a starting point to say "I love you" in your loved ones' love languages.

20 Mar 2005 Introducing Therapeutic Gemstones

In this article I introduce you to Therapeutic gemstones, why I recommend spherical forms of gemstones for therapeutic use, two specific stones I recommend frequently, and how they can be benefit to you!

5 Jan 2003 From the Mainstream into the Light:

This tells the story of my journey of becoming a Rapid Eye practitioner.