But through the journey of your life, you likely forgot this.  Through the journey of life, on the path of awakening to joy, to our True Selves, to love that makes our hearts sing, and to fulfilling our Divinely-given destinies, we each first forget.

I was born to help you remember, to help you reclaim it, to help you flourish in the fullest experience of a joyful life and marriage ~ to help you awaken to your Feminine Spiritual Power to heal and transform your life, create soul-satisfying love in your marriage and to fulfill your unique destiny as a woman.

I am here to guide you on your Heroine’s Journey of awakening to joy, and the fulfillment of your heart’s deep Desires.


How I Got Here:  My Journey of Awakening

In 1988, I completed my clinical Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family (MFT) from one of the top three MFT training programs in the country at the time.   I became a relationship therapist because I discovered my calling to help women, couples and families heal and create happy, thriving marriages and families.   I loved providing therapy! 

I discovered this calling in part through my own experiences with marriage and sadly, divorce.  The year before I started graduate school, the man I was married to at the time left me and our two young daughters for a gay relationship.  We previously sought professional help, and greatly benefited personally, but the marriage he and I had was not secure, and we divorced.

Nonetheless, my life personally was powerfully changed through that early experience with therapy, and I had a spiritual experience of receiving a “calling” to help other women and couples in this way.  

While in graduate school, my areas of greatest interest and passion quickly became: 

  • Helping women figure out how to be happy, and getting over the hurts and injuries we so often carry with us from our childhoods, past experiences and relationships
  • Working with couples to create the happy, lasting marriages men and women both yearn for
  • Helping women heal from divorce.  

Divorce recovery became the topic of my graduate research, and the ground-breaking original research I did was published in 1990.  (Adjustment of Women Married to Homosexual Men: An Exploratory StudyThe American Journal of Family Therapy, Vol. 18, No. 3, Fall 1990; pg. 273-284).     

As I was completing the research, I was spiritually guided in creating my first specialty program for women.   Entitled When Your Husband Comes Out of the Closet, it was designed to help women divorcing gay men acknowledge, validate and heal their inner wounds and experiences.  My thesis research unveiled these wounds in divorced women, and my first women's specialty program opened the way for healing them.    

Upon graduation, I returned with my two daughters to my home town in Colorado, and quickly established a busy and successful practice as a Marriage and Family Relationship Therapist, continuing with my passions to work with women and couples.

I also remarried.  With everything I had learned and could now do for others, and how much I had personally grown and changed, on that wedding day I had full confidence that my second marriage would be happy, secure and thriving. 

I could not have been more wrong.

Within just three and a half short years, I was divorced again.  The first divorce was painful and hard.  The second time I was devastated, in part because I had pulled out all the stops and done everything I knew professionally, plus gone into myself and drawn forth deep spiritual resources for healing and transformation to do everything I could to heal and save my second marriage ~ all to no avail.

In deep prayer and meditation, I went to the mountain, so to speak, for answers and direction, and I was given them.  Among other things, I was told that this experience was in part to prepare me for the work I was yet to do.




As I asked this question, I literally felt the Heavens stop and focus on me, and immediately felt rushing to me, answers, connections and insights, and very quickly additional healing resources, knowledge, training and skills. 

Through asking this magic question, and receiving the answers I was given, God began shepherding me to expand beyond the conventional world of Marriage and Family Therapy, into the work that I now do in guiding women to heal and transform their lives, heal from divorce, create fulfilling and joyful marriages, and ultimately to fulfill their own destinies.  

In asking the magic question, I also took my next major steps into awakening to who I really am, what I am called to do in the world, and the bigger spiritual and other resources and power by which to do it.

That was over twenty-five years ago. 

Today, I am grateful every day that I am happily married to a man who adores me, and we have been married for over 20 years.  We have 4 awesome and outstanding grown children, and 6 beautiful grandchildren.

I now gratefully experience the happiness and personal joy, love and fulfillment that I so deeply desired for so many years. 

Along the way of my own journey, I have continued helping other women and couples.  I have learned what it really takes to awaken to your True Self, and to reclaim your joy and fulfill your heart’s deep Desires for love in your marriage, and how to help other women to do the same.

Why Remembering Your Joy Matters

Each of us came to this life with a certain, specific Soul Blueprint and mission.  Our Soul Blueprint includes our gifts, strengths and talents,  and the knowledge and wisdom we bring with us.  Our Soul Blueprint also includes the lessons we came to learn and the issues, including generational patterns, we came to work out and heal.  



Just as the healing of my life, and my ability to co-create a joyful, happy marriage was a crucial step in the working out of my Soul Blueprint, and from this, then was born the Work I am called to do, so for you. 

It was my hungering for love and fulfillment and the even faint memory of once experiencing it, and my search for it, that pulled me forward on my path of both healing my life, meeting and marrying my wonderful husband, and creating the joyful marriage we have.   My hungering for love and fulfillment was the source of finding my calling with my profession, and the discovery of my destiny. 

It was remembering this faint echo of joy and love and my deep Desire to feel it again, that propelled me forward on my journey of awakening.  

So it is with you.   Joy is your birthright.  Remembering it again and reclaiming it is crucial to co-creating the fulfilling life, and joyful thriving marriage you deeply Desire in this life.  Following the path of joy and the fulfillment of your heart’s deepest Desires will also propel you forward in the fulfillment of your mission ~ your destiny.  

Remembering your joy and following your soul's hunger to experience it again requires taking your Heroine’s Journey.

Your Heroine’s Journey

Is this easy?  Sometimes, surprisingly it is.  Often, frankly no.  It can require tremendous courage and from time to time, resolve, to step up and to say yes to your own Heroine’s Journey. 

That is why we often need a guide, and that is why I am here.  I consciously said yes and embarked on my own Heroine’s Journey many years ago, and the purpose of mine in part, has been to prepare me to guide you on yours.     

Since you have found your way to The Sophia Women’s Institute, and if reading my story resonates with you, you are here for a reason.  You are a woman of destiny; a woman with something vitally important to give to the world.  

First your foundation must be securely in place; your own happiness and fulfillment, and for most women, the joyful, secure and lasting marriage that makes a woman’s heart sing.  This is the first phase of your Soul Work on your Heroine's Journey and from this will be born the fulfillment of your own Destiny.         

The world, beginning with your family and loved ones, are waiting for you to step up and say yes to your Heroine’s Journey.  The world, beginning with your family and loved ones, have great and urgent need of the gifts that you are uniquely called to give. 

And you have joy, love and fulfillment of your heart’s deepest Desires beyond imagining, waiting for you on the Journey.

I invite you to connect with me today to begin.

Sending you love, blessings and Living Water for your woman's Soul,

Debra Brown Gordy, MS MRET

The Women's Spiritual Empowerment Mentor

Author of the forth-coming book:  Cinderella Wisdom:  A Woman's Quest for Freedom, Happiness and Lasting Love.